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7 Benefit to know about family planning

by Akinola Olabode
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Family planning refers to the various contraceptive methods that enable couples to produce the desired number of children and determine the spacing between them. Globally, in the understanding of the potential benefits of family planning, many societies have embraced modern methods of contraception especially in Asia and Latin America.

1. Condoms can decrease the transmission of HIV and other STIs
Apart from being a modern contraceptive method, it’s also an established fact that correct and consistent use of condoms helps to reduce the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections like syphilis and gonorrhea. During sexual intercourse, condoms prevent contact with infected blood or body secretions. However, a slight risk still exists due to the possibility of slippage or breakage of the condom.

2. Reduces maternal and child death rates
Family planning has achieved tremendous results in reducing the maternal and childhood mortality rates globally. For instance, it has been discovered that a woman who has more than 4 children (grand multiparity) stands a higher risk of dying during pregnancy and childbirth.

3. Prevents unwanted pregnancies among HIV positive women
One of the major strategies adopted for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT) is the prevention of unwanted pregnancies among women that have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

4. Different family planning options are available
Depending on your specific needs, your healthcare giver will counsel you adequately and help you make an informed choice from the plethora of available contraceptive options. While some are oral pills you need to swallow daily, others are in the form of injectables or intradermal implants buried underneath the skin.

5. Combined oral contraceptive pills containing both estrogen and progestogen have been shown to reduce the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancers

6. Empowers the couple and enhances child education
Family planning effectively creates an avenue for the couple to decide how many kids they want and when they like to have the kids. By implication, they are in a better position to raise the number of children they can adequately cater for within the limits of available resources.


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