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7 Benefits of Alkaline Water for Health

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7 Benefits of Alkaline Water for Health-dailyfamily.ng

7 Benefits of Alkaline Water for Health
A nutritionist says that alkaline water has been studied in recent years. There is still no basis to say that it has weight-loss functions, as many people say. But there are several benefits that are attributed to your daily intake. She lists a few:

1. It helps digestion: its consumption may have therapeutic benefits for patients with esophageal reflux because this type of water deactivates the pepsin, which is a digestive enzyme.

2. Acts on bone health: A study published in 2012 in Canada concluded that increased consumption of alkaline foods can improve bone health by reducing muscle mass loss and risk for chronic diseases such as hypertension.

3. It provides more energy: alkalinization also increases the intracellular magnesium that is required for various enzymatic reactions for the production of energy and activation of vitamin D.

4. Improves memory: not only water, but the alkaline diet generates hormonal changes that can improve memory and cognition.

5. Reduce fluid retention: Sodium is one of the main causes of fluid retention in the body, so drinking water during the day prevents the body from retaining that electrolyte and other substances.

6. Leaves skin firmer: Dermatocosmetics act on the skin’s surface beds, while water is able to reach deeper layers; so it is the best way to leave the skin lush and still improve the appearance of wrinkles and firmer skin.

7. Prevents cancer: according to Otto Warburg, winner of the 1931 Nobel Prize, cancer develops in an acid medium; therefore it can not develop in the alkaline environment.

But, according to the professional, despite all the research done so far, there is still no consensus on the role of alkaline water and its long-term benefits.

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