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7 best ways to spend Christmas with your family

by Family Center
7 best ways to spend Christmas with your family -dailyfamily.ng

Celebrating every member of your family should be a daily activity you should engage in, but then, Christmas period is another perfect moment you should seize to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Apart from the freebies that comes with yuletide, Christmas should be another perfect time to treat your family to the best of life fantasies.

Have you been pondering on how best to dazzle your family this yuletide, then see these 7 best ways to achieve that.


1. Go family picnicking

Family picnicking is one way to bond with everyone in your family. For a maximum family satisfaction, get your three course meal on point and set to dine on a green carpet grass, seashore or underneath a natural shed.


2. Set for a Christmas eve challenge

The mistake people often make about Christmas celebration seem to have been restricted to the 25th of December celebration alone. But the point still is, Christmas celebration begins from 23rd of December all through 26th or extending two more days for some other culture.

7 best ways to spend Christmas with your family -dailyfamily.ng

7 best ways to spend Christmas with your family -dailyfamily.ng

So in setting for a Christmas eve challenge, get some wrapped boxes, hide a piece of item in them and tag some amount of money on it for whoever sees it, to claim. This gets every member of the family excited and it becomes a fun filled atmosphere.

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3. Go family Travel

Sometimes what your loved one’s need in the real sense of it is simply a change of location and that will work the wonder. Having a memorable Christmas starts from igniting the travel excitement in them and just like all children love fun and fantasies, they will sure be thoughtful enough to share the moment with their friends too.


4. Go family shopping

Do you know visiting those mega departmental store could be good fun for your family. At times the impeccable arrangement of those consumer goods could just be the fun you have been waiting for. You wouldn’t also want to ignore the fact that pictures taken in departmental stores seem to appear more beautiful than those taken in your home. Not to despise our state though.


5. Shut down activities for your family

Are you surprise about this? Come on, don’t be. Times are best enjoyed with the one we love when we let go of distractions which might want to get in the way of our excitement with them. You will surely give your loved ones the best of time this Christmas when you shut down activities for them and show them untainted love and attention. Remember family first.


6. Get everyone a Christmas gift

Never you fret on this. Firstly set a budget for every member of your family. Get to know what thrills them most and give them a shocker, a surprise Christmas package and they will ever be grateful you did this .


7. Treat your family to nice meals

A good meal does more good to the soul than just hanging around at times when not well defined. So to the mums whose spoon will never get tired of stirring those delicious delicacy in pot and to the father who will never be too egocentric to hit the kitchen, making the best of the season by treating your beloved family to a wonderful meal time will not be a bad idea.

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