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7 Common Reasons for Divorce

by Abbey Lily
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7 Common Reasons for Divorce

7 Common Reasons for Divorce

-Odunayo Ajani

7 Common Reasons for Divorce

7 Common Reasons for Divorce

7 Common Reasons for Divorce
Every marriage has got its own challenge. That you are facing a challenge is not a big deal, what is most important is being able to identify what that challenge is and plotting out ways by which both you and your partner can proffer solution to the persisting troubles in your relationship. Relationships can actually be heaven on earth if couples would only understand what is causing disagreement in their relationship or better still their marriage.

Here are common reasons why couples would want to divorce.

1. Constant Argument
When couples argue very often, then there is a tendency of it escalating and inviting some unpleasant remarks that can get either of the couple angry. Arguments are meant to be resolved and not let to escalate.

2. Money
Not having enough money for family upkeep as seemingly mundane as it may though seem can tear a family apart if the reasons for not having sufficient money is not discussed. Though some other causes relating to money can be, spending money on irrelevant can also be associated with a move to seek a divorce. Family finance can always be managed when couple strikes a balance on how money is spent.

3. Infidelity
When a married partner is no more faithful to the marital vow, then there is the possibility of a divorce. Being faithful is a major requirement for a successful marriage. No partner will be glad to see his wife or husband seeing someone else, it fires up great grievances and promotes move for divorce.

4. Weight Gained
This is quite unfair. Women don’t like it when you comment on their size.
Men are mostly guilty of this and often its been a great insult to the woman who wouldn’t tolerate such comment or reaction when the one she professes to love to make such comment.

4. Bareness
When most especially a wife wouldn’t give birth to a baby of her own, husbands tend to call the marriage quit or even the wife in (few) cases.

5. Unrealistic Expectations
When couple’s expectation are not carefully spelt out, it can automatically lead to chaos and an eventual divorce. Your demand from marriage should be spelt out with all you intend to achieve. Plan on how to make these plans achieved. Be as practical as also make it as realistic and possible.

6. Lack of Intimacy
There is nothing as frustrating as not ‘feeling’ your partner at all even when you both lie on the same bed. He or she might just feel she is not meant to be in the relationship in the first place. Not being intimate with your spouse makes he or she feel like she is living with a total stranger. Practising little act of kindness and being physically intimate is a solution to this.

7. Abuse
Abuse contribute largely to the reason behind divorce. No partner want to be physically abused or emotionally abused and still remain in the same marriage, any partner who happens to be a victim of this will quickly reach out for the exit door.

Marriage can actually be made to work if couples will only learn each other’s differences and come to understand the causes of disagreement.



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