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7 Creative Ways to Make Colorful Vases for Your Plants and Flowers

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7 Creative Ways to Make Colorful Vases for Your Plants and Flowers
Do you like plants and flowers to decorate your home in style? Use your creativity to make special and unique colored vases that will give your decor a different face.

Nothing like being able to count on the incredible tips to decorate your home with much more creativity. The colors of the plants and flowers along with the colors of the vases will make any environment more interesting.

Tip 1 – Capped bottles with string
You can create beautiful little plant pots using glass bottles that are left in your home. Vases for plants and flowers made of bottons wrapped with twine

The first step is to thoroughly clean the bottles so that there is no residue of drinks in it.
After removing the label you should apply the colored string.

Tip 2 – Paint the conventional pots
Conventional plant pots have the advantage of resistance and have been specially developed to house plants and flowers.

To get the vases from the common place the tip is to do a special painting on them.
Choose special shapes and colors for your vases and give a visual up the vase.

Tip 3 – Creative Vases
You can also bet on fun pots to make your plants and flowers even more prominent.

In this case just look on the internet for molds to make these pet-shaped vases
A little manual work is enough so that you have beautiful little vases of your choice to decorate your home.

Tip 4 – Tire cups
The decor can help us avoid garbage accumulation, we can reuse items that would go into the trash to create something distinctive and unique.

The tip is to turn your old tires into giant vases to decorate your garden.

But, be aware that this type of vase requires constant care to avoid the accumulation of standing water that can attract the mosquito’s dengue and zica.

Tip 5 – Colored Boots
Do you know that colorful gallop you no longer wear? It can turn into a beautiful colored vase to make your garden even more fun.

At Christmas time the use of galoshes can acquire a special symbolism replacing the stocking that is left for Santa.

Decorate your gallocha to make it more beautiful in your decor.

Tip 6 – Pineapple
Strange as it may seem you can use fruits, such as pineapple, to shape colored vases for your home.

In this case the tip is to thoroughly clean the inside of the pineapple peel and then have the inner space to place your plants and flowers.

It can be an interesting idea for the decoration of your house on a day when you will receive guests.

Tip 7 – Colored Mugs
The colored mugs can help you create spaces with beautiful colorful vases and full of charm.

Nothing like being able to count on creative and stylish items, choose your favorite mugs and give them another function. You can even paint mugs that are older to renew your look.

With this tips, you can decorate the home well.

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