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7 deadly habits that are destroying your future

by Abbey Lily
7 deadly habits that are destroying your future

If you want to enjoy success and be happy, there are some toxic habits you need to do away with. You can be destroying yourself and yet not know that is what you are doing. Until you accept yourself for who you are, people cannot see anything valuable in you.

Here are 7 deadly habits that are destroying your future

1. High Expectation
When you expect too much from people, they may disappoint you eventually. There is nothing bad in having expectations about what you want from people but it will be a great harm to your well-being when you expect too much than what the capacity of the other person can carry.

2. Hating Failure
Failure is a part of life. You should be discouraged when you experience failure because it is a sign that you are getting closer to success. There can never be any breakthrough without a breakdown and a testimony without a test. It is what you pick in the state of your failure that makes you outstanding when you finally succeed at the thing you failed earlier

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3. Being Anxious About the Future
You must always have it in mind that you don’t have any power over the future than to make sure you are using today to do the right thing so that your future will benefit from it. You cannot through anxiety make the future better because you don’t even know what will happen tomorrow. So, relax and do what you have to do today for a profitable tomorrow.

4. Expecting People To Be Like You
There are no two persons that are the same in life and that is even what makes the world go round. It makes the whole thing unique and the world a better place for us all to live in. Expecting people to be like you is like pouring water in a basket, it will surely leak and be in futility.

5. Reading Minds
Mind reading is like doing yourself a disservice because you will always reach a dead-end where you get all mixed up and confused. Why don’t you just allow people tell you what they have in mind and stop preempting them?

6. Seeking To Be Like Others
You are a unique being and you are just good as you are in your own special way. People will find it easy loving you just the way you are, not you being a photocopy of another person. Be yourself and don’t fake things.

7. Looking For People’s validation
Stop seeking people’s validation. So what is right and be sure to get great commendations for your actions in due season.

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There is no way you will be happy and enjoy success if you keep engaging in all these toxic habits.


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