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7 easy ways to cut onions without crying

by Abbey Lily
7 easy ways to cut onions without crying

If there is any universal thing that makes everybody cry, that one thing is onion. There is no way you will slice or dice onions without shedding tears. It can be a very terrible thing people experience because of how peppery it could be to the eyes.

It must be noted that this happens because of the content of onions which is a natural amino acid called sulfoxides.

According to the Institute of Food Science and technology, the cell walls of an onion becomes damaged once it is cut. This makes the sulfoxides to be converted into an annoying and irritating gas. It is this gas from the onions that enters the eyes and causes the production of tears.

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That being said let us now look at 7 easy ways to cut onions without crying

1. Put in the freezer
To stop the effect of the chemical contained in onions, put them in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes before cutting them for use. Once it is a bit frozen, the amount of acid released into the air is reduced and helps prevent the tears.

2. Cut onions under water
Another easy way to cut onions without crying is to put them under running water while cutting. This is actually tactical so that it doesn’t become messy while cutting.

3. Use a very sharp knife to cut
When cutting onions, make sure you use a very sharp knife so that it can cut it at once without crushing the cells.

4. Soak the onions in water
It doesn’t have to be hot water. Just soak it in water for some minutes. This will cause the enzyme to be denatured thereby reducing the effect.

5. Wear Goggles
Since goggles help to prevent water from entering the eyes, it will definitely prevent the onion gas from entering your eyes. The goggle will create a seal around your eyes and that is why sunglasses will not have the same effect.

6. Face the sliced side of the onion down
When slicing onions on a cutting board, let the side you have sliced face the board so that the gas will not escape and cause you to shed tears

7. Some people say you can chew something like bread or chewing gum when cutting the onions. You can try this to see if it will work out.

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