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7 Elements of Submission Every Woman Must Know–Pastor Bisi Adewale

by Akinola Olabode

7 Elements of Submission Every Woman Must Know

There are certain things that must be in place before a woman can be said to be submissive to her husband if any of these things fail, then that woman is not submissive. The following elements must be intact in any woman who is submissive to her husband:

1. Humility: any woman that will submit to her husband must be humble. Humility is the ability and is the first step to submission. You must learn to be humble.

2. Love: to submit to your husband may be a bit difficult if you do not love him. You cannot claim to love your husband if you cannot submit to him. You have to submit in love.

3. Honour: if you truly love your husband it will show in the way you honour him, how you relax with him, what you call him, how you serve his meal, how you reply or react to him when you are upset, how you present him to your friends and so on. All these will show whether you honour him or not.

4. Meekness: if you are not meek and gentle, you will speak rudely to your husband especially when you are angry. It takes meekness to accept blame when you know you are right. Pray for the spirit of meekness.

5. Reverence: respect your husband but do not fear him for there is no fear in love. Do not address your husband as your house boy. Speak with reverence, remember he is the ‘President’ and ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of your home while you are the First lady.

6. Silence: learn to keep quiet, especially when your husband is talking or angry. If one of you must speak in the public then let him speak unless he asks you to go ahead. Let your husband take the lead while you follow.

7. Obedience: obedience is said to be the mother of submission. Obedience gives expression to submission. Obedience is better than sacrifice, it is better than good cooking, beauty and good degrees.

Just the way you want the love, attention and care of your husband, he also wants your honour, respect and reverence and needs your submission desperately.

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