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7 Expressions By Women That Scares Men

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7 Expressions By Women That Scares Men
There are things we say that leave men totally confused and frightened. I do not know exactly why this happens. Maybe it’s our tone of voice, or our look of disapproval, or because we’re subjective. Or maybe we should just choose less scary ways to say what we want. Or, depending on the case, we should simply say nothing! What are some of this expressions?

1. “We need to have a little chat!”
It may be a normal phrase for you, but the guys interpret it quite differently. On hearing you say this, he will think of the worst things he has done in life and will say to himself, “End of the line, boy!” He will prefer to run without looking back to stay to hear accusations.

2. “You are forbidden to do this!”
He wants to find you a friend and companion, not to be a second mother. And you are too old to act on your own, just stop and think about it. Stop trying to mess with him all the time.

3. “Where were you yesterday?”
Know that whatever any good man wants is a relationship in which there is trust and respect. If you start with silly suspicions, to get on his foot, he will lose the charm instantly. But, if you suspect he has a history of betrayal, you should not even be dating this guy. Stop torturing him, and trust him deeply.

4. “Do whatever seems best”

This leaves the guy very, very confused! After all, do you agree or disagree with what he intends to do? Be clear on what you want. This is very good in decision making.

5. “My husband has an owner”
If you bully every woman who look at your man, you will definitely quarrel with half the world. There will always be one or the other with an eyelid. Learn the lesson. When your man is serious, then they will flee.

6. “I hate those friends of yours!”

He probably knows a lot of his friends well before he meets her. Do not want to make a “makeover” in his life by keeping away the friends you do not like. The more anger you show for his friends, the more importance he gives to what they say. Try to be cool with his friends and they will have good things to talk about you to him. If you do not stop being impotent, it will come off without a second thought.

7. “He’s better than you”

When you compare him to your ex, then be sure that he will run away from you. He will indeed run at least 10 leagues without looking back.

When you say this expressions, then know that you will not only ruin the relationship, but damage the tender heart you are trying to make grow.

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