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7 Facts Men Need to know About Ladies Before Marriage

by Akinola Olabode

7 Facts Men Need to know About Ladies Before Marriage

Having a relationship is good, but having a good Marriage is the ultimate. A wrong choice of partner can truncate a person’s destiny. To avert struggling with your marriage rather than enjoying it, below are some things you need to know about Ladies.

  1. A lady may give in to sex for many reasons. Never interpret a lady’s consent to have sex with you as a show of love. Among others, she may have sex with you because of money, or to have you for keeps. Besides, she may be demonic and want to have a blood covenant with you.

2. A lady that allows you to sleep with her easily can do it with somebody else. She can fall into the hands of Jacks, Phillip, and Sam and so on is she finds herself in a similar situation.

3. A lady that keeps demanding money from you is with you for your money. Godly women don’t demand money, but money-hunting ladies do. Don’t think she is doing this because she loves you. All she wants is your money and nothing else.

4. A lady that does not respect you in Courtship is not likely going to submit to you in marriage. If she is stubborn and disrespectful, she doesn’t listen to advice, or you cannot direct, correct or instruct her, you’ve not seen a wife. Never make the mistake of marrying a lady that is not likely to submit to you in future

5. A lady that hates your mother is not truly in love with you. Any lady that truly loves you will accept your family as they are. If you discover that she hates your mother, then it will be suicidal to marry her.

6. A lady that does not have any girlfriend is dangerous. Ask your partner about her friends and if she doesn’t have all or she does is to speak negatively about them, you are in wrong hands. A lady that cannot have a fruitful relationship with people of her gender is not likely to have it cool with you. A socially bankrupt lady is a bad marriage partner; if she cannot relate with a roommate, she won’t be able to keep a soulmate.

7. A relationship that drags you away from God is pushing you closer to tour grave. Your relationship should be God-Centered; you and your partner should co-travelers to the kingdom of God, as you pray and study the scriptures together. If what you do in your relationship is pecking, kissing, necking, fondling and having sex, then your relationship will destroy your precious future.

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