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7 Funny Things to know about Dating

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7 Funny Things to know about Dating

Adenike Akindude

7 Funny Things to know about Dating

7 Funny Things to know about Dating

Dating is the period when two people meet to relate about relationships or love life and do all sort of things. These days it has become an avenue for a lot of wrong things to occur. People who have never met before can decide to go dating and do all sort of things that are unheard of.


Here are 7 funny things you should know about dating:


  1.       It’s a relationship without commitment: unlike courtship, dating has no basis of commitment as most singles just use the opportunity to mingle and catch fun without caring to know if they will ever meet each other again. There is no assurance that the relationship has any future.


  1.       A lot of ladies do get their fingers burnt during dating: ladies that go on dates most especially blind dates have a lot of horrible stories to tell about their experiences. Some have been drugged, raped, stolen from, duped and even killed. Some who go on dates end up sometimes with unwanted pregnancies that the man will not take responsibility of.


  1.       It gives room for “Peck and Goes” guys: unserious guys use dating as an opportunity to deceive some ladies that are unsuspecting as these guys use little amount to buy the ladies foods and drinks after which the guy gets what he wants and may never ask after the lady again.


  1.       People pretend they are good during dating: dating is mostly presented at first as a good opportunity as the lady dresses so gorgeously to attract the guy and he, on the other hand, put in all his best just to satisfy the lady at that moment. This, however, does not last long as it is all in pretense to get the desired result.


  1.       Guys look forward to sex during dating: the end result of the efforts of most guys when they take a lady out on a date is sex. Most of these guys always look forward to the moment during dating and inability of the lady to accept this desire may lead to rape.


  1.       Lots of ladies are after the money of the guy when they go on dates: as guys are after sex so also some ladies that go on dates also desire to get money out of guys. Some ladies may take guys to expensive malls just to get what they want.


  1.       Dating gives room for cohabitation: as the relationship does not really have a destination, some guys and ladies may decide to start living together despite the fact that they are not married. This, however, will lead to a lot of danger in future as they may later find out that they can’t cope with each other.


Dating is an uncertain relationship and should not be encouraged, rather, those in love should sit and decide if they can move together then go into courtship.

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