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7 Good Reasons to Start Running Today

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7 Good Reasons to Start Running Today
The importance of practicing exercises regularly has been more than proven, however, there is still a large part of the society that is reluctant against this need, generating an increasing percentage of sedentary people with physical and psychological problems that could easily be avoided.

The excuses are the most diverse; lack of time, lack of company, lack of money to pay for gym, lack of place or space, climate, laziness , etc. But the truth is that it is easier to settle in and make excuses than to do something that requires effort.

Physical exercise brings a multitude of benefits and there are numerous ways to exercise and prevent those endless hours sitting in front of the computer harm you in the future, you just have to do some tests and find out what The ideal for you.

Some people prefer the gym, an enclosed space where the staff gives you tips and guidelines. Others like swimming because they feel free in the water, and some like it!

By allowing an unparalleled sense of freedom, improving and balancing physical and mental aspects, and by bringing benefits that go far beyond those we have always heard, we have listed the top 7 reasons that will make you want to start running right now!

1. No stress
Do you know that story of what to fight against anxiety? It is true. During exercise are stimulated new neurons less responsive to stress, in addition to the production of endorphins, the substance responsible for the sensation of pleasure and well-being.

In addition to anxiety, depression and panic syndrome can also be combated with racing. During the race, the focus is usually on the activity being performed, so the problems are being forgotten and, with this, any day-to-day worry stays in the background.

2. Anytime and anywhere
You fool who thinks that running is just on the street or in the wake of the gym. Running can be practiced in lanes, parks, gym or even indoors if you have ample space and can even become a joke among family members. If you have the company of other people, one helps the other to be motivated!

3. Couples Get United
And speaking of company, how about calling your partner to run with you? Generally, marriage is blamed for the extra pounds, but studies at the University of Pennsylvania have proven that couples who exercise together lose weight faster.
Because one motivates and encourages the other and creates a habit both of food and of physical activity together, it becomes easier to achieve expressive results.

4. Makes You Sleep More
Those who suffer from insomnia problems can also benefit from running. According to experts, a jogging routine of up to 30 minutes on alternate days helps to decrease the time it takes to sleep and also improve sleep quality.

This is due to the tiredness of the muscles that need to be regenerated, and rest becomes important. In addition to the increased release of serotonin and GH (growth hormone), which help in better quality sleep.

5. Concentration
And when you get a good night’s sleep, your day-to-day concentration also improves. Research from the University of Illinois (USA) has proven that when racing raises cardiorespiratory fitness by 5%, it is possible to improve up to 15% on mental tests.

In addition, the tests showed a shorter reaction time of the participants who were running. Not to mention that running on the street or on trails forces you to divert obstacles, holes, stones, making it increasingly agile.

6. Posture, cartilage, and stronger bones
People who have a running habit have thicker and healthier knee cartilage than sedentary ones. Another important factor to consider is that when you run in the right way, i.e back aligned, shoulder raised and head straight, you are also taking care of your posture.

The activity also strengthens the bones more than other aerobic activities. Data from the National Osteoporosis Society (UK) show that only 15 min of light trotting are able to reduce the likelihood of developing osteoporosis by 40%.

7. Sexual performance
If by now you have not yet convinced yourself, probably this item will. According to the University of California (USA), men who regularly engage in physical activity have 30% more sexual intercourse than sedentary friends, and people who run have the sexual performance of people two to five years younger.

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