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7 Good Reasons Why You Should Not Live Together Before Marriage

by Daily Family

7 Good Reasons Why You Should Not Live Together Before Marriage

In the name of love, several people nowadays believe that the best way to live together is the best option. They believe that spending each day together was the best, despite their young age and inofficial marital status.

Living together has a special benefit in many open cultures, like in the Western countries, which is that you know more about your partner before entering your life’s most important stage, marriage.

But this coexistence is not accepted by every culture in the world. Some of them, instead, are prohibiting it. This is certainly for a few good reasons. There are more things to consider, the religion, the culture, as well as the worst possibility that could happen. What else are the good reasons why you should not live together before marriage?

Here are good reasons why you should not live together before Marriage.

  1. Avoid The Unnecessary Fights

Fighting is natural in a relationship. We grow together through fights. But sadly it’s also the main Reasons Why You Should Break Up with Your Boyfriend. Living together means emphasize the chance of fighting. As become more know of each other, there are more things to adjust to.

  1. Enjoy Your Single Time

The time when you were single is a period where you should make the most of it. You still have that solitary space only for you. It may not seem important, but you will miss how the bedroom was when it only belongs to you. Nobody would be approved or disapprove of how it looks like. Even if you don’t clean it for the week, it’s really up to you. Nobody gonna say anything.


  1. Live According To Your Schedule

You are still alone and so you must continue to succeed. Wake up during the night when you have stacks of work to finish or come back home at dawn. Imagine if you live with your partner because you must take them into account. You can’t leave them alone all day long.

  1. Take Your Time

What rushes you? What are you rushing? Love? In your life, love isn’t the only thing. You’ve got so much more to do. Regardless of how much you love, just take your time to get married. You don’t have to rush because you finally live together when the time comes.

  1. Save The Excitement For Later

The vision of moving together gives new enthusiasm. As they have never been closer to their partner, a lot of fun ahead seems to be fluttering. You can wait no longer to show them your Wife Material Signs that have been hidden all the time.

  1. Live Conveniently

Why would you live in inconvenience when you don’t have to? Living together means sharing everything. There is no way all your bag and shoes collection could be well arranged. You have to make space for their stuffs! This may be little thing as you love them, but as time pass by the inconvenience is getting real.

  1. Your Wedding Will Have Less Meaning

A wedding is something that people have been waiting for. It remarks a new phase in your life. But it will become meaningless once you have live together. Before and after marriage bring no different, and the best Words to Say to Best Friend on Their Wedding would be meaningless.


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