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7 Habits That Are Weakening Your Marriage

by Family Center
7 Habits That Are Weakening Your Marriage-dailfamily.ng

7 Habits That Are Weakening Your Marriage
You feel that your marriage is no longer the same, that it is slowly weakening and you do not understand what happened. In this article, I will tell you seven things that weaken the marital relationship, see if you and your spouse have some of these habits and work to change that!

1. Go to bed at different times
One simple thing, but very important, is the couple lying down to sleep together. You may have different work schedules and studies, but it is worth struggling to maintain this habit.

Sometimes the day is so tumultuous, that the only time the couple has to stay together, to know how each other’s day was, to hug and caress each other, it’s bedtime. And it’s so good to sleep together with the loved one!

2. Love your children more than your spouse
It is common to see parents putting their children first in all situations, and loving their children more than each other. This behavior does not seem wrong, does it? But the truth is that this weakens marriage in a gigantic way.

At first it was you two, met, started dating and made the decision to marry. You were the most important people to each other. Then come the children, they grow up, and then it is their turn to marry, and so it will be from generation to generation.

The most important union we make in this life is in marriage. Your spouse should be the most important person for you. Your children are the fruits of your love, and in order for the fruits to grow and remain good, love must be nourished. When your children get married, it will be you and your spouse again, just as it was in the beginning.

3. Lack of dialogue
Everything is resolved through dialogue. At work, in the family, in social life and especially in marriage, everything is resolved through dialogue. When the dialogue is over, the discoveries will end, the misunderstandings will come and you will not be able to solve it because you simply did not talk.

You will have different goals and you will make different plans for the future because you do not dialogue anymore. Listen, speak, solve, meet the person who shares your life with you, this is indispensable for a successful marriage.

4. Hidden Purchases
You may not realize it, but doing “hidden shopping” weakens your marriage. And you know the name of this attitude? Financial infidelity. That’s right, you’re cheating on your spouse. When you keep hidden money and shop without the other knowing, you demonstrate that you do not trust it and it is not worthy of your trust.

I know this is very strong, but it’s real. A relationship is made of trust, of delivery, of truth. If you hide, it’s because you know it’s wrong, and if it’s wrong, why keep doing it?

5. Careless with appearance
Years of marriage may pass, but your care of appearance should not pass. At the time of the courtship there was preparation for the meeting, was not it? Bathing, fingernails and clean clothes, hair combed … and now, have you done it? The conquest continues, it does not stop.

Our exterior demonstrates what is inside us. If the hair is unkempt, surely something is messed up inside as well. Take care, it does so well!

6. Mistrust
I can not imagine how a person can marry someone he does not trust. This seems to be out of the question. If there is no trust, there is no relationship. As long as you do not trust your spouse, he will not trust you, you will never feel secure in each other, and you will always be fighting over the causes of this evil.

7. Complain
It’s so much easier to complain than to act, is not it? Everything seems bad, unsatisfactory, insufficient, everything seems to have defects and so on. You miss great opportunities to be happy because you have been taking the time to complain about what is not good. This behavior becomes a habit, an addiction, and it is not at all easy to abandon this custom.

You complain that your husband does not help with household chores, but when he helps you, he puts a fault in what he did. You complain that your wife is not looking after her appearance, but when she goes to the beauty salon, you complain about the time you spent there and the money you spent.

Try to see the positive things, in everything there is opposition, even in bad situations there is something good.

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