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7 Habits that worsen a depression

by Family Center

7 Habits that worsen a depression
Many people have no idea, but there are seven very common habits that have caused depression in a considerable number of people. These same things will certainly worsen the picture of those who already have the disease. Check it:

1. Little sleep
According to a Review, it was gathered that a study of just under 21,000 young people aged 17-24, shows that every hour less than sleep increases by 5% the chance of a person continuing to Depression for another year.

2. Diet
A study published on the impact of diet quality on high prevalence mental illness revealed that a western diet rich in processed or fried foods, refined grains, sugary products, among others While a traditional dietary pattern characterized by vegetables, fruits, meats, fish and whole grains was associated with a lower chance of clinical depression or dysthymia and anxiety disorders. So, try and have so many more traditional dishes.

3. Little physical activity
A study by the Harvard School of Public Health, with 50,000 women initially without depression, showed that 13% of them developed the disease after 14 years. According to the researchers, the factor that most contributed to the picture was the lack of physical activity and dozens of weekly hours spent watching TV.

An article in Harvard Medical School mentions another study of 156 men and women with depression. These people were divided into three groups. “One group participated in an aerobic exercise program, another took anti-depressants and a third did both. At 16 weeks, depression had declined in all three groups. About 60-70% of people in the three groups no longer Could be classified as having clinical depression.

This suggests that people who want to avoid using antidepressant drugs may find a good substitute in physical exercise. However, according to experts’ assessment, the fastest response occurred in the group taking antidepressants. In addition, it may be difficult to get the motivation to exercise when you are depressed.

4. Alcohol
Experts says that treating a person who drink alcoholic beverages is a major challenge, because alcohol impairs treatment for depression in several ways like it interferes with the action of drugs, generates family and professional problems, which will make the person more depressive, makes it less compromised with treatment; Intensifies drowsiness caused by antidepressants etc.

5. Cigarette
A survey of 6,500 people on smoking and mental health reveals that 18% of smokers had anxiety and depression. Among non-smokers, the index was 10%, and 11.3% among former smokers.

6. Social media

A study published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology found that comparing our lives to the “incredible” lives we see on social media can lead to depression. It is good to note that it is not the social media, in and of themselves that are causing these negative emotions, but the habit of comparing themselves, which researchers call “Social Comparison.”

7. Lack of sunlight

Canadian researchers analyzed 14 studies done with more than 31,000 people, and found a strong correlation between depression and lack of vitamin D. The lower the level of vitamin D, the greater the chance of depression.

It is essential for the person to stay away from everything that is doing him harm or to make him more depressed. And strive to sleep better, eat healthier foods, leave the TV aside and exercise outdoors in the morning or late afternoon sun, abolish alcohol and smoking, and limit the use of social networks. If there are other things that are doing you wrong, you have to eliminate them from your life as soon as possible. We, if you feel that nothing can be done, then your doctor should be consulted.

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