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7 Home Remedies to Stop Dandruff Naturally

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7 Home Remedies to Stop Dandruff Naturally
Dandruff is one of the most troublesome problems for many women, since itching is visually unpleasant.

Have you given up wearing a dark blouse because you were afraid that white dots would be created on it? If you already know what I’m talking about then.

However, know that it is possible to end the dandruff using home remedies that will cost almost nothing to your pocket. How about knowing such incredible options?

Home remedy 1 – Carqueja tea
Carqueja tea will help purify your blood and contribute to the reduction of oiliness on your scalp. It is possible to find this tea for sale in supermarkets and pharmacies.

How to make
In a cup of boiling water, put a tea bag or 1 tablespoon of sherbet leaves. Let stand for 3 minutes and drink while it is warm.

Home remedy 2 – Dandelion tea
Another tea that contributes to reduce the oiliness of the scalp and also softens the symptoms caused by dandruff like itching.

How to make
To make your tea you will need to have a few dandelion branches. In a refractory with boiling water, place these branches. Drink this tea three times a day and notice the improvement.

Homemade remedy 3 – Apple cider vinegar
This is a substance that cleanses your scalp and acts as a brake on the production of dandruff.

How to make
You should rub your scalp using apple cider vinegar, to get good results it is essential to massage with your hands.

Wait for it to act for about 20 minutes and use warm water to remove vinegar residue.
You can use this home remedy to kill dandruff two to three times a week.

Home remedy 4 – Cabbage juice
This juice is very good for the body as a whole as it promotes detox process thus eliminating toxins. In addition, it contributes to the control of scalp oiliness.

How to make
To make this juice you should beat 1 leaf of cabbage butter in the blender along with half a glass of water and 1 apple. You should take the juice immediately after preparing. If necessary, you can sweeten it with honey.

Homemade remedy 5 – Combination of apple, peppermint and rosemary vinegar

The combination of these ingredients is effective because it promotes scalp cleansing, the feeling of freshness and control of itching as well as calms the production of oiliness.

How to make
For this recipe is necessary to have a liter of apple cider vinegar as well as fresh rosemary and mint.

In a bottle put the vinegar with the branches of the plants. Allow this mixture to rest in a place that has room temperature and is dark.

Wait for it to sit for 20 days, then strain it and put it back in the bottle.

Apply the mixture on the scalp by making circular movements with your hands.

Wait for it to act for 20 minutes and wash the scalp.

Home remedy 6 – Avoid fatty foods
Food is essential for everything that goes on in our body and to combat the problem of dandruff it is good to keep the body fat free.

So avoid eating foods that are greasy or have undergone many industrial processing.

How to make
For your food to help you fight dandruff it is important to give preference to foods that have good concentrations of selenium and zinc that are minerals that fight the problem. Among the options are:





among others

Remedy 7 – Argan Oil + Zinc Oxide
Argan oil helps loosen the desquamated area while zinc oxide promotes combat against dandruff.

How to make
Mix zinc oxide with argan oil and apply to the affected area within a period of at least one hour before washing an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Try this out today and then let us know how they must have affected you.

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