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7 important family values to teach children

by Abbey Lily
7 important family values to teach children -dailyfamily.ng

A family is a place where people connect to the past, present and future generation. It is very important to allow children to connect on time with what the family holds dear to heart. They are supposed to know early the value system of the family. This will help them to always be conscious of things they get themselves involved with.

Here are 7 important family values to teach children.


  1. The family name is a very important license: out of all the values, it is paramount to allow children know that the family name is more than just an identity but something that must be handled with care. By this, you are telling them to live peaceably with people and be of good behaviour.


  1. Honesty: promoting honesty as a value in your children is a hard work which must be done with wisdom. Make sure you instil truthfulness in them at a very tender age and to help them, you must be always truthful as the parent because your children always take a cue from you. Also, never overreact whenever they tell lies; just help them to say the truth. They are growing and need firmness with the training.


  1. Respect: teach them to respect people especially elders and even their mates. Let them know that respect is a good value they have to imbibe. Teach them to also honour and respect God, this will help them to respect people.

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  1. Gratitude: everyone loves to be appreciated no matter how little what they have done is, teach your children to always show a heart of gratitude for any good done for them. Nobody owes them anyway. Teach them to also show gratitude to God.



  1. Patience and perseverance: let them know that quitters never win and winners never quit. They will definitely be faced with tough situations but they need patience and they must persevere.


  1. Apology: teach them to apologize and they should not see themselves as always right. You need to model this to them by apologizing whenever you wrong them.

7.Love: teach them to be generous with affection. People are going through a lot of things and all they need is someone to love and care for them. Teach your children this value by being loving to your neighbours. Make sure that you show love to your spouse in the presence of your children both in words, action, inaction and deeds. It will help them to love themselves as siblings and there will not be any chance for sibling’s rivalry.


The best way to teach family values is to lead by example. Let them see you living what you are telling them to do and they will naturally flow with it.

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