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7 Interesting tips you need to know when Travelling

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7 Interesting tips for your Travel -dailyfamily.ng

Why do you think people ask strangers about some places like the mall, Supermarket, stall, museum, parks, Church etc? Have you wondered why? Well, the fact still remains that there is some level of unpreparedness for the trip embarked on.

That it is essential that travellers going to cities or towns in a country like Nigeria or any part of the world should be aware that not everything is the same especially when it comes to culture.

To better help travellers avoid possible problems they might encounter with different cultures, here are 7 Interesting tips for your travel.


  1. Have a human guide (Tour guide)

In this present age of technology, many travellers have forsaken the essence of having a Tour guide. In a situation where you want to travel to a destination or culture, you have never been before, having a guide or a native of the place you are heading is the best thing for you. A tour guide will give you a summary of virtually everything you see order than guessing your way into everything or asking Google certain question you never will get answers to.


  1. Study your travel destination before taking off

A travel, trip, a tour is never successful until you have been to your travel destination in your mind and physically done a quick but simple study of your destination.

There is nothing more embarrassing than not knowing the exact location of the locale you are visiting.

With the internet and most importantly a blog like Nifty Travels, you get a full or at least simple information you can arm yourself with.


  1. Learn the rules and laws

There are structures, rules, regulations at every destination your leg touches its soil. Don’t think that you can simply do things your own way without any consideration for important cultural differences. Every continent on earth and in every state of the world, there is usually this part of them that you need to learn.

Hence, ensure you learn the rules and laws of your destination so as not to look different amongst a multitude of other travellers. At least we don’t want you to look odd.


  1. Learn all Road Signs you can

It will amaze you that some travellers are yet to come abreast with some important road and traffic signs. One interesting thing about this subject of discourse is that it seems to appear the same everywhere, so why not Google out some important road signs which will help you have a memorable tour. Having a good knowledge of road signs familiarize you with the next thing to do in a city center or on the street.


  1. Manners Manners Manners

Wondering why that much emphasis on the same word?

Well, the reason for it is simple. Not everything is acceptable everywhere or even in every culture. One may not be so in another, so know your manners for wherever destination you are travelling. Native people from various places in the world care so much about the way they do their things.

So don’t shake an elder in Africa when you need to take a bow or use fork when you need to hold your chopping stick in China or other Asian countries. You may not know all these facts, good. But of course, you can learn it.


  1. Know the appropriate attire to wear

You wouldn’t want to go numb when you visit places like Canada.

Having and wearing the right clothing for the weather at your travel destination is very critical since your body temperature is not familiar with your location. Even when it is, you can’t afford to expose your body to threatening weather conditions. So, it’s important to study the weather pattern in your location, clothing required and also know what is appropriate to wear for both business and social occasions when you visit other cities in your travel destination.


  1. Show respect

Whether you like their culture or not, since you are on their soil, you need to be courteous and show some respect. Have you wondered why in South western region of a country like Nigeria, where there is the Yoruba speaking folks, men, women, both young and old will take a bow to greet an aged person or at the most prostrate to greet. It is required in that region of the country because respect has been their hallmark. So when you are in a location like this, simply give it all to them as much as you can where respect is concerned.


And to the final pointless point, in order to have a memorable travel, always try all you can to enjoy yourself.

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