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7 Kinds of Men You Must Never Marry If You Are Jealous

by Oba Samuel
7 Kinds of Men You Must Never Marry If You Are Jealous

7 Kinds of Men You Must Never Marry If You Are Jealous

-By Oba Samuel

Jealousy is a big threat to the success of any marriage. It has led to the broken of many marriages. In fact, it has led to murder and other domestic violence among couples because jealousy is deadly.

In order to avoid the repeat of this negative experiences, if jealousy is running in your blood, don’t marry these men: 7 Kinds of Men You Must Never Marry If You Are Jealous


It will take maturity for any lady to marry a Pastor because Pastors are naturally surrounded by women who mostly come for counselling, prayers and other religious activities.

In Churches, the number of women is more than men. Women are mostly found in the ushering team, Choir, welfare and counseling and Pastor must attend to them especially during counseling sessions where he will attend to different kind of girls, ladies and women.

If you are prone to jealousy, you will fight with all these women and you will scatter the Flocks which took him years to gather.

Steer clear of Pastor if you can not curtail your jealousy.

  1. Musicians:

Musicians are known naturally to attract people, most especially the opposite sex.

Musicians attract lots of female admirers who are fans but later develop into deep emotional issues once they come in contact with the musician. Many girls flock around them, starting with his backup singers .worthy of note are crazy female fans who can go to any length to get the attention of a musician. This is the reason most musicians ended up having baby mamas.

  1. Comedians: 7 Kinds of Men You Must Never Marry If You Are Jealous

Due to the nature of the job of comedians, popularity often attracts many ladies to them. Their appearance in a shopping mall shows or other public places will open the door for ladies to flock around them taking selfies with them.

  1. Actors:

If you are jealous, you had better marry someone else other than an actor. Actors get unsolicited attention from opposite sex which makes many of them vulnerable to extra-marital relationships. I read a quote recently that says: ‘’Actors are not easy to date, you end up sharing him with his other mistress because that is their career’’

Even if he does not go into an immoral relationship with them, you can’t stop him from receiving suggestive text messages and pictures from his admirers and fans.


Politicians have a lot to do with girls and women who flock around them for different reasons and agenda. Their presence may be for political reasons.

Their presence may be for political meetings, communal projects or promiscuity. That is why we often see their pictures with different ladies in hotel rooms on social medias. Even the saint among politicians will confess to you that he is being tempted by many ladies.


Many girls are crazy about football stars and some of them can bribe their way to get the attention of their admired footballer. While many are asking for their autographs, some are trying to get their phone contact. 7 Kinds of Men You Must Never Marry If You Are Jealous

Some of them are not interested in illicit affairs but cheap ladies keep pestering them. If you don’t have a large heart, you can’t marry a soccer star.


On-air personalities are people that anchor programs on radio and television. These are newscasters and presenters in major broadcasting houses. Their style of presentation and the name they have made for themselves often attract girls to them even if they are not wooing them. Don’t think of marrying OAP if your heart can not accommodate other ladies around your husband.

If you manage your hormones and all the men listed above, stay clear from going into any relationship with them lest you develop high BP or murderous thought.

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