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7 Laudable deeds of our amazing Mothers

by Family Center
7 Laudable deeds of our amazing Mothers -dailyfamily.ng

If we are to give an award to the most consistent and painstaking individual in the world, I think it should go to mothers. You never know their worth until they decide to go on full-length vacation.

Having a mother around us is like having a scaffold readily available to climb. While fathers are absent most times in the week, you can always be sure to catch up with your mother even if it demands that she leave for few hours and return before dusk.

Before you begin to quantify mothers love, here are 7 amazing facts you should know about our mothers.


  1. Mothers work more hours

Someone once put up a video online advertising a vacancy with a job description very tedious that all applicants saw the job offerings as crazy, but then, it was later unveiled that, that is how mother’s schedule is. Mothers are tireless workers, beautiful to have and painstaking at making all members of the family comfortable.

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  1. Mothers are multi-task

Mothers don’t have two hands. Some may have three, others four and some six. In short, they are capable of handling so many things at a stretch.


  1. No household mess is too big for mother to handle

Mothers never get too lazy to clean up the craziest mess. They just seem to be used to them, they know them all by name and will easily get rid of it in no time.

  1. Mother can go the extra mile

You wouldn’t want to dear a mother who is dogged about bringing smile to the face of her baby or husband. They are always strengthened to do more. Mothers don’t mind the price it might demand of them, they are ready to let go some stuff to bring those dimples on your face.


  1. Mothers never sleep when it is pain all through the night

Those teething night is often challenging for a toddler, but mother has got no choice but to remain awake. While others sleep yawning off the day’s stress mothers are there, singing her little infant to sleep. Even if it demands singing those songs which wouldn’t make much sense, she will do it for her baby.


  1. Mothers are sculptors

Like an image is chiseled out of a wood, mothers are readymade sculptors who are readily available to chisel out the best in their child. It doesn’t matter how long it will take, mum knows the beauty of everything there is lies in the power of being patient to see it grow.

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  1. Mothers are not too busy whenever there is the call to suck

No matter how dapper or how engaged a woman is, she never forget the fact that she’s got to feed her suckling child


Remember, mothers cannot be compared to rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared to her.

Therefore make everyday a mother’s day. Mothers are just awesome.

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