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7 Lessons To Learn From CAF Election As Ahmad Defeated Issa Hayatou

by Oba Samuel

7 Lessons To Learn From CAF Election As Ahmad Defeated Issa Hayatou

-By Oba Samuel

The CAF election 2017 has come and gone but there are great lessons to learn from it. There are lots of benefits to gain from all the happenings that surround the election that produced a new CAF president after 29 years.

  1. Don’t Just Wish For A Change, Go For It:

    Ahmad’s wish for African football is a change. This he declared during his campaign. He didn’t just say it but he hunt for it until he achieved it. Most African countries are tired of Issa Hayatou’s leadership but many notable countries failed to go for the change they want. In the words of Ahmad Ahmad ‘’ “If people want change, there is no other choice. It is only me who dares to run against Hayatou,” Ahmad told AFP in the Malagasy capital Antananarivo.

No matter what it may cost you, go for the change you need and as soon as possible, you will be celebrated.

  1. Ignore The Bookmakers: Another big lesson learnt from the just concluded CAF election is that Bookmakers are not always right one hundred percent. So, don’t believe them if all their postulations and forecast is against your dreams and visions. In the case of Ahmed Versus Issa Hayatou; the bookmakers said ‘’ Favourite Hayatou, who has been in charge for 29 years, and Ahmad go head to head in Addis Ababa seeking a four-year term as African football boss. “Hayatou tires a lot of people, but overall the African federations will support him again,” said a source close to FIFA.’’ Despite all this assertions by the bookmakers which shows that Hayatou’s victory is guaranteed, Hayatou still lose the election. If you want to achieve greatness and break records, ignore what the record is saying, stand with your visions, push it forward, just do it and prove the bookmakers’ wrong. If Ahmad can do it, You Can!



  1. Don’t Focus On The Problem, Focus Your Goal: For you to make significant impact in life, you definitely face a lot of problem. Success don’t come cheap but don’t be deter by the problems. Don’t focus the problem, look for the solution. Be a solution seeker and a problem magnifier. Every problem has a solution but many erroneously allow the problem to overshadow them thereby deprived them the glory of success.
  2. Don’t Hold On To A Public Office For Too Long: One great lesson we can also learn from Issa Hayatou is not to hold on for too long to a public office. Public office is not a lifelong appointment, it’s for a meaningful period of time. Many of the African public office holders who break this rule often end up being booed, ridiculed and humiliated out of office. How honourable will it have been if Mobutu Sesesoko, YahYah Jahmeh, Samuel Doe,Idi Amin,Olusegun Obasanjo and Sepp Blatter had handed over early enough before the governed got tired of them and they were humiliated out of the office. I hope current FIFA’s president,Ahmad Ahmad and Robert Mugabe will learn from this truth.
  3. Your Background Does Not Matter: Many who would write their names in history has been hindered by focusing on their background. Believe me, you can get to any height in life, your background notwithstanding. Can we ever believe that Madagaste, a tiny muslim country who is a minnow in football can produce the next CAF president where many great footballing nations like Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Cot’dvoire has failed. But Ahmad brushes aside the argument that the president of CAF cannot come from a weak football nation like Madagascar, who is ranked, 39th of 54 African national teams.
  4. Belief In Yourself If Nobody Belief In You; For you to succeed in life, you don’t need everyone to believe in you. All you need majorly is to believe in yourself. When Ahmad set out, nobody gave him any chance of making it but he was not perturbed by people’s comments, he has strong faith in his conviction and today he defeated the giant of 29 years experience in election. For whatever you believe-in, don’t be discouraged even if you are standing alone. Very soon, you will stand out.
  5. Dare It: Since 1988 when Hayatou was elected, he has become a monster that none want to dare. He was challenged in 2000 and 2004 and inflicted humiliating defeats on Armando Machado of Angola and Ismael Bhamjee of Botswana. Since then, every other nation simply shy away from confronting him and CAF was styled as Hayatou’s empire. But Ahmad, dare the FIFA’s giant in Africa and took him to the canvas. Ahmad won the election in the Ethiopian capital by 34 votes to Hayatou’s 20, official results showed.

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