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7 Lessons The Month Of January Will Teach You (Read Details)

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7 Lessons The Month Of January Will Teach You.dailyfamily.ng

7 Lessons The Month Of January Will Teach You (Read Details)

January as the first month in every new year is full of a lot of lessons one can learn from so as to be wiser and to start the new year in a good way with a better state of mind.

7 Lessons The Month Of January Will Teach You.dailyfamily.ng

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If you learn well from the month of January, there is a certainty that you will be able to handle other months in the year and make better and stronger plans as the year goes. Here are lessons to learn from January:

JANUARY HAS MORE THAN 31 DAYS:  Don’t argue with me, you may see 31 days on your calendar but the truth is to many; the Month of January has 62 Days. When you collect December salary by 20th of the Month and you shouted as if it was a gift, you collected bonuses, got lots of gifts from the office and think you are now on top of the world.

Then you “declare surplus” spending anyhow, forgetting that another salary will not come until January 31, next year. That is why January is always the longest Month for most employees.

IT IS A MONTH AFTER CHRISTMAS: January comes after Christmas. At Christmas, people spend money and more money in January they have to pay for what they’ve eaten.

SCHOOL FEES WILL BE PAID: Yes o! Have you checked your Children’s report cards? They came with to reports, i.e their own report and your own report. The first is the result of their exams, the second one is their school fees notice which due for payment by the first or second week of January.

JANUARY HOLIDAY IS VERY SHORT: During July holiday, you have about two months to prepare for the resumption of Children back to school. in January you have only two weeks and these two weeks falls during Christmas spending so you need to think fast and plan ahead now before you blow your December pay.

HOUSE RENT WILL BE DUE: Most house rent are also due in January, you will have to pay, please remember this.

NO 13th MONTH IN JANUARY: 13th Month salary and other bonuses may be available in December but you won’t get that in January, So don’t spend January salary with that of December.

WORK BEGINS: Holiday will be over, work resumes in January. You will have to fuel your car or pay transport fare to work every day till the next salary is paid.

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