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7 Major Ways Parents Can Cultivate Reading Habit in Children

by Adenike Akindude
7 Major Ways Parents Can Cultivate Reading Habit in Children.dailyfamily.ng2

7 Major Ways Parents Can Cultivate Reading Habit in Children

Every child that will be a success, not only in academics but in every area of life must be a reader. Parents should develop the reading habits of their children since they have the first contact with them.

7 Major Ways Parents Can Cultivate Reading Habit in Children.dailyfamily.ng2

Mother and Child reading

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This will go a long way in determining the mental growth of a child, ensuring that your child is a leader. Just as the popular cliché, “readers are leaders.”

Reading habit is a culture that must be built over time and patiently. Children, at first, may not see the need for this important venture.

Here are seven things parents can do to cultivate reading habit in their children:

Introduce reading early

A recent study shows that mothers should start training their babies to read from the womb. This is because a child needs to be aware of the importance of the learning at the stage of childhood so as to become a fulfilled adult.

Reading habit should not be left to begin building when a child is already growing into adulthood but must be done as soon as the child can hear and until when the child begins to understand and respond.

Get the right books

There are books suitable for a child at every stage of life because of the level of their understanding. Apart from school textbooks, there are other books a child can learn from as soon as the child becomes a toddler until adulthood. Find out books suitable for the age range of your child.

Make reading interesting

Reading for children must be an interesting venture because when they find it boring and uninteresting, they may soon lose interest in it. For children within the age range of 1-5, a parent may use rewards to get their interest in reading. For example, you can tell the child that if you are able to explain what you read after you are through, you will get a biscuit.

This makes the child look forward to reading and not just reading but understanding and learning from what he/she is reading per time.

 Know the assimilating ability of the child

Every child has different levels of assimilation as their temperament trait and personalities also differ. The level of assimilation of children can be affected by different factors which arise from the way they were created.

Parents must try to understand each child so they can know the best way to build the reading habit in him/her. The environment may also affect a child rate of assimilation and many other factors also.

Be involved

Any parent that wants to cultivate a reading habit in a child must first show an example for the child to follow, which means being a reader yourself. Another every parent must take note of is that they must not be too busy to sit down and read with their children.

Reading with a child helps you find out the areas where your child is struggling and needs help, it also gives the child a certain level of assurance to get help when necessary.

Make use of technology

I spoke with a woman that is a banker and always gets home late about parenting and she said even though she has not gotten home most times, she helps her children solve mathematical problems on skype. This shows us that there is no excuse for parents nowadays not to be involved in building their children the right way.

This does not mean exposing your child to social media early in life but making use of the tools available when there is a need for that to achieve your aim.

The Right confession

Also, encourage the child to always confess that he/she loves reading because when a child keeps saying I hate reading, his/her confession may be a source of discouragement for the child.

Every parent must know that cultivating reading habit in children is a process that may not be achievable once but needs committed effort that will be done over time.

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