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7 Mistakes you must never make when going on vacation with your wife

by Adenike Akindude
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It’s summer time again and for many couples, this is the time for going on a vacation.
If you are a man that wants this vacation to be one like never experienced before, this year’s vacation is an opportunity for you to give your wife a beautiful treat just like the days of your honeymoon and also, give your marriage that spark it needs.
To make this possible, below are 7 mistakes you must not make during this vacation with your wife:
1.    Wrong location: don’t ever make the mistake of taking your wife to a place that will not be of interest to her. To avoid this, study carefully what your wife loves; for example, nature, food and so on. When you find out these things, you can go out and search for such places where your wife’s satisfaction would be guaranteed.
You may also, give her different vacation spots to choose from or ask if she has a vacation spot in mind.
2.  Staring at other women: As the saying goes, ‘Men are moved by sight’. However, a woman cannot stand a man staring at another woman while with her. Your wife would feel the same way if you are caught unaware in the act. If you don’t want to see the other side of your dear wife, take your eyes off all other women around and focus on her alone.
3.    Going on vacation with not enough money: to get the best out of your vacation with your wife, you need to have enough money because she may need to shop for things that were not planned for. You may also desire to buy her things but discover that you have insufficient funds.
4.    Taking office work along with you: your wife requires your full attention and therefore least expect distractions. However, this expectation will not be met when you are distracted by official work. Please try to keep away all official work while on vacation with your wife and give her the royal treatment she deserves.
5.    Social media chatting: chatting on social media frequently when on vacation with your wife can be another source of distraction. Please try and minimize your access to social media so as to enjoy the moment with your wife.
6.    Little or no romance: romance is very important when you are on vacation with your wife. Learn to cuddle your wife and touch her the way she likes it. This will strengthen the bond between the both of you and will make the vacation remarkable.
7.    Being boring: when you are on vacation with your wife, don’t be boring. Being boring comes from just the following routine as usual. You should make your vacation fun by trying new things, playing games, swimming, watching movies and doing a lot of things that will make the vacation enjoyable for you and your wife.

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