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7 mistakes parents make in raising children

by Abbey Lily
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Parenting is a work that must be done by both parents and not just the mother or father. Every parent must be intentional about how they treat their children and what they do to them. Each child has their individual peculiarities and so, this must be considered when dealing with them.

Here are 7 mistakes parents make in raising their children:

1. Not paying enough attention
Your children are your future; without them, you really don’t have a future. You must be intentional about training them. Be available always because parenting work requires your full attention. It is not something that should be done by proxy. Make yourself available and pay attention to little details.

2. Comparing their children with others
The worst thing any parent can do to their children is to compare them with each other or with another child. No child wants to be compared, they want to be appreciated and celebrated for who they are. Stop the comparison game, it is destroying their self-esteem.

3. Showing favouritism
Even if you have one child that is not behaving well like his/her siblings, never show favouritism to the extent that the child will know you love the others more than him/her. Don’t say it and never act it.

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4. Forgetting your actions speak louder
The saying ‘actions speak louder than voice’ is actually true. Anything you don’t want to see your children do, never attempt doing it. They are watching you and will definitely take a cue from you. It may also be difficult for you to correct them

5. Lack of trust
If you are a trustworthy parent and you are teaching your children to be truthful, never doubt them whenever they tell you something. If you have reasons to doubt, keep that to yourself until you are sure you are correct. Doubting them will make them lie to you if they are not liars because they will see you as not trusting them. It will look like you don’t believe in them.

6. Not noticing their little victories
No matter how small the victory is, celebrate it and let them know you notice the effort they are putting into their work. It will make them strive to always be the best so as to make you proud

7. Thinking they are too young
You should know that in this time, no child is too young. Teach them what they need to know at every stage, give them sex education so that outsiders will not help you teach them the wrong thing. When they know, they will be able to report an abuser to you on time.

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