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7 Pathways to ultimate greatness in life

by Ojo Oluwasegun

7 Pathways to ultimate greatness in life

Greatness is referred to as the quality of being great; eminence or distinction. It also means an unusual increase in size or dimension of a thing.

Another definition says it is an acquisition of the status by the people who have contributed to an organization, group, or purpose that is greater than themselves.

With the knowledge gathered from the above definition of “greatness” you will agree with me that it is the ability to be great.

Being great in life is more than just believing God for it, as many are doing. You have your own role to play in the journey of being great in life. Of course, God’s hands must be involved but God also expects you to take some steps.

Speaking about or wishing for greatness in life is not enough, it is about taking steps towards being great.

These steps are what I call “pathways to ultimate greatness in life”

Below are paths that lead to ultimate greatness in life.

#1 Path of a mentor: A mentor is that special person who has inspired, encouraged and who always motivates you to be the best version of yourself. He always pushes you to take risks and not be afraid to chase success in life.

Mentors don’t always have to be older or richer than you. But sure they know what you don’t know. Mentors will often see something in you that you may not see yourself. That is why you must have mentors. Note that I used mentors (plural), this is because it is advisable to have more than one mentor. As one may process good knowledge about finance but not good in health. Watch out for my next article where I will be discussing areas to have mentors.

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#2 Path of Right Association: The kind of people you associate with will determine how far you will go in life. If you are moving with the association of failure no doubt you will automatically become a failure.

Associating with right people, I mean people with positive mind and full of vision will accelerate your greatness in life. This is because a man is best described by the type of people he moving with. Follow right association and become great.

#3 Path of teaching (learning): Be open to learning. Always look for people to teach you new things occasionally. One of the best ways to remain relevant in life is to open one’s mind to continuous learning.

Be humble enough to learn even from people that are not up to your age. C’mmon forget about your post in the office or your level in the society. Remember they have what you don’t have.

#4 Path of training: In the journey of greatness, training cannot be overlooked. A training program allows you to strengthen those skills you have within you in order to improve and become more relevant to your organisation. Constant training helps you develop new skills and knowledge and gives you upper hand than your equal.

#5 Path of Advice: Be open to advice especially when you are about to start something new. Before you take a decision on anything seek advice from those that have passed through that stage or phase of life.

Don’t just listen to the advise but make use of it especially when it is coming from a trusted person.

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Note: Be careful when seeking advice, meet the right people.

#6 Path of Counsel: Counselling is a professional advice given to one on an aspect of life. For one to become great in life the door of counsel must remain open. Counselors are highly-trained professionals assisting people to live more joyful and productive lives.

#7 Path of reading: Reading is more than education. Education will end but reading can never end. Reading opens your minds to new discoveries on every aspect of life. If being great in life is your aim then keep reading. Read, read, read and keep reading.

Follow the above paths to ultimate greatness and see yourself become great in due time

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