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7 People you must never ignore to avoid Failure in life

by O. S David

7 Personalities you must never ignore to avoid Failure in life

By Yomi Adewale

Some people say failure is not the end of life but no one desires to fail. Success is achievable but certain people cannot be ignored in the path of success

Every successful person has a story to tell, they have much information about many huddles they have crossed, many people they have met and some things they have done to climb the ladder of success. One good thing they will never forget in a hurry is the category of different personalities they met, as exposed in this article.

To be successful, you need to avoid failure and to achieve this, you need to identify certain Personalities to welcome into your life as listed below:

  1. An Encourager

Success journey requires encouragement, you will be confronted with many challenges and obstacles, these and many more could discourage you greatly and make you decide to park it up. In the midst of this storm, you need someone to inspire and assist you in building confidence and stability to forge ahead.

Your major inspiration should be your creator, God and you need to encourage yourself never to give up and you need someone, may be a single person to say that Success is possible and achievable

  1. A Mentor

A Mentor is a brave, wise and trusted personality that could influence you while aspiring for success. This personality will allow you access his life success story to make you avoid failure. He would be a role model for you to emulate as you progress in life.

A mentor is available to monitor you stage by stage of the journey to the land of success, he will criticize, correct and complement you where necessary, willingness to yield, you must display at all times. Your mentor should not be a competitor, set back and thorn in your flesh.


  1. A Critic


As part of personalities you need to avoid failure is a Critic, this person or this category of people evaluate and review you critically, the judgement may be harsh, hard and mild, you need to be truthful to yourself.

Never ignore and show hatred to a critic, the person is only shaping you for the best, take your time to think through the criticism and pick what is wrong for proper fixing and keep moving on.

  1. A Good Superior

This is a personality ahead of you, someone higher than you in ranking, he is more knowledgeable probably, you might have crossed each other’s part at one time or the other. You need the input. This is more reason you need to build quality relationships.

Networking with higher personalities ahead of you gives you a leverage to climb higher and faster than you think, however when you are privileged don’t abuse and misuse the opportunities because of people coming behind.

  1. A Valuable Subordinate

Some people ignore people below them as a matter of ignorance or pride. A lower cadre person may know what you don’t know, humble yourself to learn. Never think and assume, such people can’t add value to you.

At some points, a subordinate may be so valuable that you get a head way through his contributions and suggestion. If you are wicked to your subordinate many good things may pass you by unnoticed.

  1. An Irresistible Colleague

Benefits of Networking can never be over emphasized, relating with people at your level exposes you certain unquantifiable information. Beware of unhealthy competition that could cause disaster among peers.

Develop good rapports with colleagues at your level, you need to brain storm at times when there are confusion, there is power in synergy and team work.

  1. A Coach

Success for an athlete could be challenging when he lacks a good Coach to train and instruct him properly. Likewise for someone who wants to avoid failure at all cost, you need a Coach.

The road to success could be rough and bad, with a Coach, the training, instruction, practicing and monitoring will be available at the right time and with the right proportion. Your Coach is an experience person who is more knowledge, he knows the strategy to adopt and he is able to teach and impact you effectively.


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