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7 Phrases That Destroys Children

by Family Center

7 Phrases That Destroys Children
Anger, fatigue and frustration that come with everyday problems can make us angry and make us say things we really do not feel.

These are some of the worst word combinations we can say to our children, regardless of their age, as it has a lasting effect on them.

1. “You never do anything right”

No one would like to hear this, let alone an adult. Imagine the unpleasant sensation when your innocent daughter hears you say words like these. If your daughter made a mistake, she broke something, ruined the cake mix, took a deep breath and thought about what is most important. The answer will always be the same: your children are more important than anything else.

2. “I wish you were more like your brother”

We gain nothing by comparing our children, but we can create resentments among family members. Make sure comparisons do not exist in your home. We are all different and unique, and we are all special in our own way.

3. “You are fat / ugly / dumb”

Our children believe in everything we say. We are your most trusted source of information and also the greatest source of love. Do not impair your children’s self-esteem with negative adjectives. It is better to recognize your strengths rather than emphasize the negative.

4. “I am ashamed of you”
If your child has a tendency to call attention in public, such as shouting, playing, running and singing for all to hear. Maybe it just needs more attention. Do not say things like that in front of your friends and not in private. Why not plan a show at home where he is the main star? You may discover your artistic side by doing this and have fun with your family.

5. “I wish you had never been born”

I can not think of anything worse than anyone could say to a child. Never, under any circumstances, tell your children, not even a joke. We all need to know that we are wanted and wanted regardless of the mistakes we make.

6. “I am tired, I do not love you anymore”
Sometimes, without realizing it, we fall into our children’s word games. Her three-year-old daughter is frustrated because she can not eat another ice cream pot at dinner. After explaining to her several times why she should not do it, she gets angry, cries and says she does not love you. The easiest answer would be to pay in the same currency, but this only harms your daughter. The correct reaction would be to explain again why she can not eat more ice cream and remind her that you will always love her even if she is very angry with you. She will learn much more than you realize with this lesson.

7. “Do not cry, it’s nothing serious”
“How big can children’s problems be? They are just kids, they have no worries, sorrows, disappointments and fears.” This is a mistake that we as adults commit very often. Children have as much or greater emotional capacity as an adult. The difference is that they can not express themselves and soothe themselves as we do. So, somehow, your problems would not be even greater? Never underestimate a fear, a scratch, a doubt, a conflict that your little one is going through. Help him overcome the problem and react in a healthy way.

So, be careful about what you say as you could not only harm him, but also demoralize his self-esteem.

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