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7 Productive Things you can do while you are still unemployed

by Family Center
7 Productive Things you can do while you are still unemployed

So many people today have been out of job due to various reasons that could be understood.

While the fact remains that jobs are scarce in the country and finding one is a herculean task, there are, however, productive things an individual could do to ensure that he does not remain unemployed for a long time.

Here are 7 Productive Things you can do while you are still unemployed:


  1. Build Network with every Opportunity

The period of being unemployed is not a time for sleeping, eating and engagement in plenty leisure, but the best time to build a broad network of people that would be helpful in your career. Many successful people are out there who can relate to you and give advice on the path to achieving success in your career. Don’t stay at home but go out and mingle with the good and smart minds because such privileges might grant job opportunities.

  1. Keep more of  employed friends

You may have heard the popular saying that birds of a feather flock together, meaning that the company you keep reflects your personality. The company you keep will determine the association that you will eventually belong to. If you hope to be gainfully employed, you must keep friends who are employed.

  1. Eat Books

How far you will go in life, not just in your career but in life, in general, is dependent on the amount of knowledge you can acquire. Don’t just read books, Eat them! You eat books by being hungry for knowledge. Get nosy about great things people want to know. Read widely.

  1. Volunteer

Don’t be money conscious; be on the lookout for programmes and other jobs you can work as a volunteer. An employer might appreciate the value added to his organization and grant you a permanent status eventually.


  1. Prepare your CV

As an unemployed who searching for a job, your CV must be ready just in case of a job opening and readily available upon request. In order words, you must be prepared. Don’t prepare an impromptu CV as it shows unseriousness.

  1. Learn something new

To be very factual, there is actually no jobless individual. We all do one or two things on a daily basis, so it now depends on how far we want to go on it. Develop those activities you are doing, give it a nice shot and see how far it can take you.

  1. Practice interview questions

With a view to getting a job in the nearest future, you must practice, practice and practice interview questions and learn interview tips. There are many online resources that are very helpful in answering tough questions. Such efforts would help you in gaining confidence and doing well at interviews.

After reading this article, you should know that it is no more an excuse not to be employed, get out to the field of work and plough in great profit for yourself while the sun shines.

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