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7 Quick ways to destroy the life of your children

by O. S David
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7 Quick ways  to destroy the life of your children

-Bisi Adewale
That major dream of all Parents is for their Children to end up well,making them happy,standing well in the society. We all want our Children to become Engineers,Doctors,Pastors,Accountants and stand tall on their own in life
But come to think of it,armed robbers,hired killers,terrorists,Kidnappers where all raise by parents who also desire that they come up clean,useful and great.
The truth is Children who are doing well are generally programmed by wise parents,while others who are end up as a misfit most of the time came from parents who fail to work in the parenting rules.
To make a Child great and stand right,takes hard work,to destroy the life of a Child involves very little,it involves the following:
Spend all the time in the world outside the house,be at work Monday to Friday,go to parties Saturday and Sundays. Don’t worry just let house maid take over taking care of them,your result will meet you alive.
2)GIVE THEM EVERYTHING THEY ASK FOR: Don’t deny your Children anything they want,give everything,don’t let them lack anything,spoil them with gifts,Toys,phones,toy guns,just anything they want they must get,if you don’t have the money borrow it.

3) TELL LIES REGULARLY IN THEIR PRESENCE: Train them to be Master liars practically by telling lies every where. Tell somebody on phone you are in Abuja,while you are with them in Lagos,in fact tell them as witness,you would have equipped them well to become Pathological liars.

Be too busy to pray for them,believe Jesus has prayed all the prayers for them,why getting yourself work out again?
5) GET ONE HOUSE MAID FOR EACH CHILD,DON’T EVER ALLOW THEM TO DO ANYTHING AT HOME: Never involve your Children in any house work,they are too royal for that,get a maid for each Child to take care of their daily needs. Your regrets will be waiting for you in the cooler.

6) FIGHT YOUR SPOUSE REGULARLY IN THEIR PRESENCE: Make your house a war zone turn it to a boxing ring,fight your spouse regularly,let your Children be the Referee.

7) BE VERY HASH ON THEM,BEAT,SHOUT KICK,TURN THE HOUSE TO A WAR ZONE: Don’t ver be their Friend,fight them,shout on them,beat them ruthlessly,shout,wail,trow tantrum,just make life very difficult and awful for them just to show that you are in charge at home.

If you are fond of doing any of these,you need not predict what the future will be for your Children,you’ve determined it,it will be very terrible. If the best is what you want for your Children just avoid the things mentioned above and do the opposite.


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