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7 Reasons You Should Cherish Him

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7 Reasons You Should Cherish Him

It’s good for girls to be picky about the men we are dating. But overly picky as well is not an option for you. Lets see why you should cherish or fall for him.

1. He is Definite when defining the relationship
When asked what the two of you are in the relationship, he is very definite about it. He says it without any reservations, then you should cherish him.

He seeks for a formal relationship and he gets it. He happy to stay with you for a long while, not a playful thing. Then he is a good mate.

2. He loves traveling with you.
He always thinks of spending moire time with you is the most important thing for him. He thinks and wants you to spend the rest of his life with you.

He wants you to use his precious time to his benefit and as well, he then seeks adventure with you. He is a man you should fall or cherish.

3. When he is busy, he still talks to you
When you realize that despite his schedule, he finds a lot of time to talk to you over the phone or in person, then you have gained a man. He calls you to say hi, and checks up on you, then he is well commended.

4. He remembers all about you
Despite how much you have told him about little or small things, he must have remembered them. He keeps little things of yours for a year, three and even more years. Then he is well cherished.

5. He wants you to meet his friends
Always he tells you that you that you are best thing in his life, and he means it. What else does he do? He shows you to all his friends and then engages you in their conversations, then you have a part to play in his life.

6. He revolves around you
When asked what he likes best, be says its your events. He cooks your favorite meal, goes to your restaurant to get you what you want, and then he goes to library to read your types of books, even if it is boring. He has done a lot to satisfy you, and you should do the same.

7. He is matured
Maturity is one big and important thing that makes you get connected that person. If you are matured and well calculated, then your partner will like you. He does not fool around like the other guys, and his words are calculated before he says them, then he’s truly one that we can recon with.

If the person you are going out does one of the following things to you, then you are expected to cherish and love him.

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