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7 Reasons For A Dry Skin

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7 Reasons For A Dry Skin

1. Health problems

Diabetes, hyperthyroidism, psoriasis are, the biggest health problems causing dry skin. Every diabetic usually has a very large pot of moisturizer for the whole body because the problem is intense, especially in the feet, causing cracks in the legs, arms and back that usually scratch and form lesions if they are not well hydrated.

Hyperthyroidism, although treated, the patient continues to have dry skin having to abuse the moisturizers, in those cases, better those prescribed by dermatologists.

Psoriasis, in addition to hydration, is necessary to treat the problems that cause the problem, often with oral medication.

2. Malnutrition
In many cases the problem lies in what is lacking in the dish. To help avoid the problem, include in your diet vitamins A, C and B complex, zinc and water. Drinking two liters of water during the day will help the skin stay hydrated and more beautiful.

In addition, include fruits in the natural or in the form of juices and vitamins. The richest in water are watermelon, orange, mango and melon. Include also strawberry, guava and banana.

Fish like salmon and sardines are rich in Omega 3 and oily like nuts and nuts will also do wonders for dry skin.

3. Aging
According to dermatologists, with age the skin loses the ability to produce sebum, which causes the skin to become dry, especially in the feet, legs, hands and arms. What helps in this case is to use moisturizer daily and drink lots of liquid. An aggravating factor in women is menopause.

4. Weather
Usually the skin becomes more dry during winter and summer and tends to stabilize in other seasons. Both hot and cold air and dry causes changes in the natural barrier predisposing to loss of moisture. In these periods you should use moisturizers, more often and drink more water, which is easier in summer than in winter.

5. Medicines and chemicals

Some medications such as those for acne, for example, can cause skin dryness, as well as diuretics and statin. Also harmful to skin health is chlorine plentiful in swimming pools.

6. Bad Habits
Inadequate cleaning

Ingest less than 2 liters of water per day

Long, hot baths

Neglecting the use of the moisturizer

Exfoliate Exfoliation

7. Use of inappropriate products
Using any soap, any makeup remover or skin cleanser can aggravate the problem. Those who have dry skin should use specific products for this type of skin. If you do not know which one to use look for a beautician or dermatologist physician for advice and or investigation of the causes of dryness.

Although it does not present the problems that oily skin presents as blackheads and pimples, dry skin is more delicate than oily. It needs constant care and in some cases to investigate the cause of the dryness.
Seek medical advice if:
The skin, besides being dry, is reddish

If itching causes you to wake up in the middle of the night, or disrupt your sleep quality

If due to constant itching there are already lesions on the skin

The skin does not improve after eliminating bad habits and routinely using the hydrant.

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