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7 Reasons Why You Should Go To Church

by Family Center

7 Reasons Why You Should Go To Church
It is very common to see people defending the idea that it is not necessary to be bound to a religion to draw near to God. Others have a religion, but see no need to attend it assiduously.

Being a member of a church and attending it weekly is critical for anyone who intends to follow the Lord fully, that is, making and keeping sacred covenants and keeping His commandments. We need the church for many reasons.

1. The church is a place of learning and instruction

In the church, we learn the Gospel, share our knowledge and testimony. Doubts are clarified, principles and doctrines are better understood. We are given necessary instructions to stand firm on the path that leads back to the Father.

2. The church is a place of worship

The prayers that some people offer for the congregation during the meetings, in which all together end with a “Amen” in unison. Sacred hymns sung by the congregation. The holy supper or the sacrament that is shared are a means of demonstrating our devotion to the Most High.

3. The church is a place of covenants

Baptism, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and other ordinances, which are Christian commandments, are to be given by Priesthood holders duly commissioned to carry them out. These are things you can not do without authority.

4. The church is a place of union

How good to meet our friends weekly! Know that you are well and remain steadfast in faith. The good examples we see inspire us to proceed without being discouraged.

In the same way, our good example is inspiring and strengthens our brothers. When someone is weak or removed from the faith, we can visit him and try to help him. We need the fellowship and the spiritual strength that comes from this union.

5. We can count on our ecclesiastical leaders
Our leaders have a mission to take care of our spiritual well-being, to look after our families, to help us in the struggle against difficulties and weaknesses. That is their role, as recorded in the holy scriptures. How would they fulfill their role if everyone decided not to go to church any more?

6. We find strength to resist evil
Attendance to the Church causes us to have the fresh teachings of the Gospel in our memory. This is extremely important for anyone who wants to lead a straight life.

7. The church supplies a spiritual fuel
Our spirit must be nourished weekly so as not to weaken. Just as the body without food weakens, it gets sick even to die. Our spirit becomes very weak when it is not nourished regularly.

As we see, the church is not only a wonderful place where we can meet our friends, with whom we sing, pray, learn and teach. It is a place where we can live the Gospel fully, sharing the holy supper, being baptized and doing all that is required of us in the sacred scriptures.

Although we can pray, sing, learn, and teach in our homes, we can not share the supper, baptize, or be baptized without the authority to do so. We must be subject to the powers of the Holy Priesthood of God carried by our religious leaders.

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