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7 Reasons why Sex In Marriage is the Best

by Gideon Dosu
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7 Reasons why Sex In Marriage is the Best
Gideon Dosu
If you rule out sex from a marriage then the marriage will become ordinary relationship among the married couple. It’s the only legal and lawful duty no one can do on your behalf to your spouse. God specifically put sex in marriage to accomplish His own mission on earth.
We have 3 kinds of sex which are:
Pre-marital sex: Premarital sex is the kind of sex that exist between the unmarried and it is against the ordinance of God no matter the excuse this generation may have
Extra-Marital Sex: It is an illicit situation whereby a married person has a sexual intercourse with and someone other than his or her spouse: also known as an adulterous affair. God is not pleased with it at all. It should not be mentioned within the confine of marriage
Marital Sex: this is the kind of sex this article is all about, godly and acceptable within the confine of marriage.
Listed below are 7 Reasons why Sex in marriage is the Best Kind of Sex:
1.     It is ordained and it is the will of God; Married sex is the will of God, orchestrated and ordained by God. That is why the God himself put it in the holy bible because it is holy exercise among married couple
2.     It brings about fulfillment: Sex in marriage is the only sex that can give you joy and fulfillment any other one you engage can never give true satisfaction
3.     No Fear of STD: As long as both couples are God fearing, you don’t need to be boarded about contracting sexually transmitted disease that normally occurred via engaging in multiple sexes
4.     It will result into godly and great children: Most of the Great and godly children we are seeing around are the offspring of a Godly parent. Even God stated that marriage is ordained to raise a godly seed.
5.     It is a fun: Married sex is not limited for procreation but for pleasure. That is why father Abram in the bible said will I still have pleasure at this age when the Lord promised him a child.
6.     It does not involve God’s judgment: Another beauty of married sex is that it exempts you from future damnation and the judgment of God knowing fully that no unmarried couple that engages in such activities will escape the wrath of God unless they repent.
7.     It renews the marriage covenant: sex in marriage is one the ways couple renew their marriage. It brings intimacy and supernatural bounding among the married couple. Just the way extramarital affair renew curse so married sex within the confine of marriage leads to blessings
7 Reasons why Sex In Marriage is the Best

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