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7 Reasons You Cant Sleep At Night

by Family Center

7 Reasons You Cant Sleep At Night
Its late and everyone had decided to hit the hay. You joined them and realized that for the next two hours, you cannot do that. Why is it so?

1. Artificial white light
Neither need to be in the room to disturb sleep. Just sleeping in front of the TV already causes poor sleep, so does the computer, notebook, tablet and cell phone.

According to research, it was gathered that the artificial white light of these devices inhibits the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep stimulation. So it is helpful to make the habit of leaving the electronics out of the eye for at least 1 hour before going to sleep.

2. Bad night habits
Using caffeine such as soft drinks, black tea and mate, smoking or drinking alcohol impairs sleep. These substances are already usually harmful at any time, however, before bedtime they are even more harmful. Drinking before bed in order to relax is not quite true, as it will leave you with a fragmented sleep and tiredness the next day. Ideally, these substances should be left out or at least 1 hour before bedtime.

3. Sleep late
Sleeping late can lead to several health problems , and sleep during the day does not compensate for the night lost. Daytime sleep is fragmented and in the presence of light, although with the curtains closed, does not allow the production of melatonin that favors rest.

It is even worse to sleep at irregular times. Do you want your child well-behaved? Establish a bedtime routine.

4. Environment
For a good sleep it is necessary to have an environment that favors it, such as: a room well ventilated, with adequate temperature, dark and silent. The darkness must be total, without led lights or indirect light, or even street light. If you can not see your hand in front of your face, that’s fine. There are research not yet confirmed relating to light during sleep to breast cancer.

5. Thinking in excess
Definitely, the bed is not the place to think – mainly about problems. This habit causes a state of alertness and causes the body to produce corticoid and adrenaline , which does not allow adequate relaxation and impairs sleep. Some people even try to force themselves to sleep, which causes anxiety and … Insomnia.

6. Use medications
The use of sleep inducing medications may have the opposite effect. They cause addiction, hormonal changes, impair memory and sexual functions. They also decrease the effect over time and the patient ends up taking more and more and not having the desired result.

7. Incorrect Posture

Sleeping badly, or anywhere besides harming your sleep, harms your next day. Pain in the body and tiredness will be the result. So lie down comfortably, with a straight spine and adequate pillows. According to experts, the ideal way to sleep is on the side with a pillow between the legs.

Well, having a sleeping and waking time is essential for the smooth sailing of your health and metabolism. Sleep well to be healthy.

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