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7 Reasons your wife may be avoiding sex with you

by Akinola Olabode
7 Reasons your wife may be avoiding sex with you-dailyfamily.ng

As a gentle man and an irresistible husband, there are ways you should conduct yourself. Many husbands get annoyed when their wives refuse them sex. Some behave irrationally and this is because most women don’t know the right way to say “NO” to their husbands’ advances without hurting him. Let us look at 7 reasons your wife may avoid having sex with you

1. Anger or bitterness: If she is angry and bitter towards you, she will not feel like following you to bed or she could even put up a very bad performance in bed. To get the best from her, make sure you settle all disputes and misunderstandings.

2. Tiredness: If your wife has worked all day for more than eight hours, got back home to cook, take care of you and the children, while all you do is to rest and watch television after the day’s work. To be sincere with you, your wife’s daily schedule can be tiring, which is why you need to be understanding and even support her at home so you can both enjoy your bedtime.

3. Child delivery: It takes weeks after delivery of a baby for a woman to be ready to have sex. It is important to make sure the birth canal is healed before any intercourse can be done. Give her time to regain her strength; bearing in mind that she lost so much blood during the delivery of the baby.

4. Sickness: If your wife is sick, the last thing on her mind will be sex. Please understand and bear with her when this happens.

5. Her Job: The kind of job your wife engages in can affect her, you need to understand her schedule and plan love making together.

6. Child/ren’s sickness: When any of your children is not feeling alright, your wife will be emotionally down.

7. Previous ill-treatment: If you treated your wife badly in the afternoon don’t expect her to feel loved and romantic at night. Women are not like that. If you embarrass her before visitors, harass and shout at her, giving her a massage at night will definitely not make up for it. If you don’t treat her well during the day, your hands will be like SAND-PAPER on her body at night. If you are not a daylight lover, you will be a midnight “robber”.

You need to understand that when your wife denies you sex, she is not doing it to punish you. Unlike what most men think, what has been listed above may be the reason behind her actions.

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