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7 secrets that NO woman should ever reveal to her husband

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7 secrets that NO woman should ever reveal to her husband
Here are some secrets that your wife will never tell you.

1. Do not talk about the past love
The boyfriends you had before falling in love with your husband should be a secret, especially if you keep in touch with some of them as friends, for example through social networks. The point is that if your husband is jealous, he will do his best to see your profile on social networks or search your cell phone. This is a way to promote conflict when it should not exist.

If your intention is to show your husband that you had thousands of choices before you choose him, you are making a mistake because the only thing he will understand is that you have been an insecure and unconscious person.

2. Not feeling able to achieve anything
One issue that must be kept silent is their insecurity. Marital life is full of new challenges and experiences, so be prepared to face whatever comes. Work on your confidence and security, do not be afraid to make decisions and express your feelings and emotions.

Most men fall in love with confident women who are not afraid of overcoming obstacles, reaching their goals, and fulfilling their purposes.7-secrets-that-no-woman-should-ever-reveal-to-her-husband

3. Problems of intimacy
For some women, it is taboo to talk about any problems that may arise in intimate relationships with your husband, and prefer to be quiet with the intention not to hurt the partner’s feelings or for fear of creating a conflict. However, intimate problems should not be hidden, on the contrary, it is necessary to talk about them to find solutions.

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Now, when it comes to keeping your intimate fantasies, desires and dreams secret, you are within your rights, it depends on each couple and yourself.

4. When you gain weight
Most women keep a secret of getting a little fat, even if in some situations your husband noticed and did not mention anything so as not to make her sad. It is something that can not be avoided and we prefer to leave it a secret. Getting to talk about it means demanding more of yourself and what you can achieve.

5. Other men
All women are attracted to other men, even if they do not express it or are obvious when they see them, but that does not mean that they will be unfaithful. It is advisable not to talk about it.

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6. Make extra money
Some women prefer to keep a secret when they make money they were not expecting, and often use that money to take care of themselves or buy something they feel like. After all, it is an income that does not harm the well-being of the family.

7. A link or message from an ex

Many women are unforgettable. Although they are already married and have children, sometimes the ex-boyfriend continues to follow his every move. Of course, you just like him as a friend, or maybe not even that! But to avoid an attack of jealousy of your husband or a monumental anger, you prefer to keep secret. It was he who sought it, not you!

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There are situations in which it is best to keep to yourself rather than creating confusion and misunderstanding, otherwise, you may have serious problems that will irreparably damage the relationship.

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