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7 Sex Tips To Drive Your Husband Crazy

by Akinola Olabode

7 Sex Tips To Drive Your Husband Crazy

For women, sexually proactive or not, male sexuality is sometimes a dark recess. If as a woman, you want to spice up the things with your man, under the sheets, look no more! We bring you the best sex advice and useful sex and intimacy tips for women to drive their men crazy in bed.

Here are some best sex tips for women to enhance pleasure on bedroom matters-

1. Praise your man
One of the most crucial sex tips for women is to fuel the fragile ego of their men by reaffirming their ”alpha male” status to them. Praise them, appreciate their prowess in bed and spike their desire for you by manifold. Together with stroking and squeezing various body parts, sex therapists advice women to give praise as a genuine show of appreciation to boost a man’s ego. It gives the assurance of their value and appreciation of their masculine features as an indicator of some sort of achievement.

2. Use your body parts to your advantage
Men derive pleasure from the physical outlook while women get enticed from passionate physical and emotional connection. As a woman, you need to learn what is pleasurable to your man. Sex is an acquired skill. One of the vital sex tips for a woman who is a far cry from a cold, disinterested partner in bed is – take note of what excites your man in bed and be an active participant in creating a sexually gratifying experience for him as well.

3. The fear of intimacy
The pressure of satisfying the woman may turn off a man’s desire even if he is so desperate for it. Will I satisfy her? Do I have the right penis size? Will I fulfil her sexual desires? This fear drives them to ejaculate faster to release tension- reason why first round is quick and fast-take control and delay ejaculation through withdrawal as you whisper passionate talk of love to deviate his mind from the fear.

4. Be honest and massage his ego
How do you tell him off that you don’t feel like having sex? Sex is a stress therapy for most men; its deprivation builds resentment and bitterness.

5. Maintain the desire for passion
Staying for long in a relationship brings boredom and complacency. You both have your fantasies to improve your bedroom life. It is not a sin to share, in agreement, choose what you think will be of benefit to your relationship.

6. Initiate sex
Women should realize that initiating the lovemaking process gives a man all the sexual pleasure as it proves his masculinity in the bedroom department. It is a complete turn on, on him

7. Never use sex as a bargaining tool
Sex is a conjugal right and should be given at will as long as there is consent. The freedom you give him to have full access is to your advantage.

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