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7 Signs That Another Woman Is Trying To Seduce Your Husband

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7 Signs That Another Woman Is Trying To Seduce Your Husband
Unknowingly, you may never know that there is one woman is lurking around in order to take your husband from you. Do you think you are gradually loosing him to someone else? Then what are some of the signs?

1. She tries to compete with the wife

She tries to compare herself to the wife, saying “I’ll never be as pretty as your wife”, “Your wife does not care about it, I’m interested” or “Your wife is like that?”

She suddenly has the same interests as the wife, likes the same things and always tries to make her husband compare the two, making him think she is better.

2. She maintains contact
If they work together, she’ll come up with something to contact you over the weekend and show that she was thinking about him. She sends messages when they are away from each other in an attempt to make sure he does not forget her.

She also seeks to send messages at inconvenient times such as late at night.

3. She’s always neat when he’s around
She is always neat and fragrant close to him. It shows the curves of the body and neckline to get your attention. But this sign proves nothing if it is not accompanied by others.

4. She has an interest in his relationship.

She is interested in whether his relationship with his wife is going well. This is a way for her to approach and in the future make guesses always blaming the wife and putting in his head that the wife is the problem and that is not good enough.

5. She says it’s just friendship

When the husband realizes that she has ulterior motives and tries to move away from her, she retorts that it is only a friendship and nothing more.

She makes it clear that it’s just friendship, but she often says “You must be a great husband” or “It’s a shame you’re engaged.” She plants this idea in his head little by little.

6. She touches you every time you talk

She always tries to touch you when you talk or when you see her. She hugs him, patting him on the shoulder when he says something funny, puts her hand on his back when he wants to get her attention. With these touches she creates a physical intimacy.

7. She complains about her love life for him

She will complain about her current boyfriend, will complain about her love life and will ask for advice from him. She will tell very intimate details of her love life to make him imagine and give the impression that he is her confidant. She will ask for opinion on everything, such as whether she is beautiful enough to find her boyfriend, just to notice her.

Well, there are more signs to indicating that you are indeed loosing him. You need to build up yoiur defences for him, and then make sure that what is yours is yours.

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