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7 signs that the quest for true love is ending

by Family Center

7 signs that the quest for true love is ending
According to a Master Coach, he said that marriage is a powerful tool of human development and personal growth because through it the couple strengthens finding the wisdom to see their vulnerabilities, something that may not develop alone.

Marriage is a sacred union in which two totally different people, with genres, cultures, habits, goals, resources, talents, knowledge and many other differences come together with a single purpose to become happy forever.

The specialist explains the 7 signs that the search for true love is ending:

1. Withdrawal
We should never give up what is good for our lives, but some people give up the search for true love when the waiting or the search did not get an immediate return.

This is the problem that many face: the impatience with which will determine the future not only of the couple but also of the children and the many generations that will come because of this union.

Sometimes it is better to wait a little longer than to live a represented life because happiness does not wear a mask.

2. Childhood
Time is one of the most important factors in the pursuit of true love. Some people believe that it is necessary to find love in youth. However, it must be emphasized that true love is not related to physical beauty or age, but to the maturity of each person.

When you have maturity, you develop the true quest, where the character and attributes of the partner are more important than your social status or appearance.

3. Incredulity
Miracles happen for those who exercise and have faith. So, it is necessary to believe in the ideal partner and seek to qualify in life to be up to the partner. This requires investing in yourself, seeking people you respect, and also appreciating who you truly are.

Do not allow yourself to be involved with people who diminish you. And do not forget that true love tends to elevate you, support you and love you without action. Do not subject yourself to less than that.

4. Loss of values
You are not your profession, nor your name and much less your social status, that is, you are not your current situation because your being is much more than that. So the person who loves you needs to see all this in you. Only true love can recognize these qualities.

However, it is important to remember that you must be the first person to have this absolute conviction in mind and heart. Never doubt yourself and never allow yourself to be discredited that you do not deserve happiness. Find love and you will be happy.

5. Insulation
Try not to isolate yourself, even if it seems difficult to find friends who have your family formed. And even if they say “Wow, but you still have not married?” Or “If you do not get married before you are 40, do not marry anymore.” Do not worry, although marriage is one of the essential building blocks for happiness, not everyone who is married is happy.

Remember that marriage is for the prepared and not for the curious or the desperate, so choose wisely your partner because you will take eternal covenants.

6. Grace
The lack is an extremely dangerous evil because it causes people to forget who they are and lead them to commit each of the signs mentioned above.

A great danger of being deprived is that many are subject to any type of partner, especially the abusive ones. There are also relationships in which one partner sucks out all the vitalities of the other to satisfy his selfish pleasures, and unfortunately, the person is so needy that he subjects himself to living such a relationship.

7. Abandonment
The abandonment differs from the abstention mentioned in the first topic because its consequences are even more serious. People who choose abandonment not only give up on the quest for true love, they abandon themselves, their goals and goals to build a home and to be loved.

Some people believe that after so many disappointments they are incapable or unworthy of finding true love, but they deceive those who think this way, for happiness, is for those who persevere and believe in love and in the family. When we abandon these values, we abandon what is best in us: the ability to dream, to fight and to love.

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