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7 Signs You’re Dating A Woman, Not A Girl

by Seyi Babalola

7 Signs You’re Dating A Woman, Not A Girl

7 Signs You’re Dating A Woman

A real woman is extremely scarce. She’s a challenge but will ultimately make your life greater. If you have been wondering about the reasons behind past relationship failures, the answer may lie in the fact that you have not yet, found a woman. However, some men do begin to experience enough satisfaction with their relationships because they are dating grown-ups. It is not actually about age, but more about behaviors. Here are 7 signs you are dating a woman, not a girl.

1. Talks about the Future

Women would talk and plan rational outcomes for the future, unlike girls who would just gossip about past events.  Dating a girl would mean you will know about all her past boyfriends and what they did. This is not the case for a woman who would talk more about you then her and try to help you more than her. A woman will tell you exactly what she expects, and she follows through. She uses her words, because she doesn’t expect you to know how she feels without communicating it.

2. Life Experience
Girls do not hold enough life experience or else she would become a woman herself. Women have seen varied aspects of life to be able to stand up for her and do the right things. This is a big problem for those who have not seen the world in realistic terms. If your girlfriend is giving you valuable advices that is helping you a lot; you are dating a woman.

3. She takes pride in her appearance, but it comes second to her inner beauty.

Class is not a matter of style. It is not a matter of the price tag on your outfit. Class is in how you carry yourself, how you present yourself, and how you treat other people. One cannot be considered “classy” simply due to how they dress — it’s a matter of what you exude from within. Man or woman.

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4. She takes responsibility for her own life.

Whether man or woman, a sure mark of maturity is the ability to recognize your own mistakes and shortcomings in order to work on them. Immaturity leads someone to thinking they “have it all figured out” and if anything is going to go haywire in their life, it’s going to be someone else’s fault. It’s easy to see how this would halt progress or conversation in a relationship as well as put constant strain on a situation where one partner is always avoiding blame.

5. She just wants Love

Girls usually live in a “show off” reality. For this reason, everything they think they own is a matter of impression, love too. Women would love you the way it is needed to be done without expecting anything from you. She will teach you while also learning from you, not dwelling entirely on ego. When this happens, you will naturally start valuing her more, helping you to discover yourself more in the life’s journey.

6. A woman will demand your respect

She won’t let you walk all over her – and you will be a better man for it. Keeping the peace at any cost might sound easy (and it is), but it won’t make your life better. A girl might let you walk all over her and put her needs aside, but a woman’s mind is more analytical and imaginative, so she simply cannot put up with crap. She’s not simple.

7. A real woman hates games

She would rather be vulnerable, to connect deeply with you than look cool. There’s no pretending with her – she will always be real and think you’re a star even on your “off” days.

With this seven signs it is left to you to discover who you are dating at the moment and what are the qualities you think is essential for your girlfriend to have. You must also work to develop such qualities for yourself too.


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