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7 Skin Cancer Symptoms You Can not Imagine

by Family Center

7 Skin Cancer Symptoms You Can not Imagine
When we think of skin cancer it is normal to keep in mind the appearance of spots that even being an excellent warning sign do not represent the only symptom of this disease.

Knowing the other symptoms that may indicate this disease is important for prevention.

If a person realizes that something is not right he can seek a doctor and have an assertive diagnosis as soon as possible.

To help you with this task, we have sorted out the 7 skin cancer symptoms that nobody (or almost anyone) knows about.

1. Reddened lesions on the skin that do not heal
Skin cancer can also manifest itself through reddish lesions that apparently do not heal.

These injuries in most cases may go unnoticed because they have been there for a long time. Then, besides keeping an eye on the chickens, keep an eye on the small red lesions.

2. Stains that are some shades lighter than your skin
In general, we attach skin cancer to dark spots, but in the case of non-melanoma cancer, blemishes may appear lighter than your skin.

These spots can appear on the face, ears, scalp (special tip for those who do not have hair) and neck. Any type of unexplained blemish is the reason for an appointment with your doctor.

3. Small bleeding on the skin

Skin cancer lesions usually leave the region, where they are very susceptible to minor lesions, so that by touching more abruptly or even scratching the area it is possible that the person has a small bleeding caused by the rupture of the vessels.

4. Apparent vessels

The same reddish lesions that we mentioned in item 1 can bring yet another little known symptom of this disease, apparent vases.

When it comes to nonmelanoma skin cancer can appear reddish lesions and in them can be evident the vases of the skin that usually are not visible.

5. Itchy lesions

Yes, the lesions caused by this disease can cause itching. Skin cancer of the squamous cell or basecellular type non-melanoma, are characterized by wounds in the more superficial layers of the skin in a way that sensitize this area and can then generate the sensation of itching.

However, we note that not all the lesions that appear on your skin and itch are necessarily a symptom of skin cancer.

6. Nodules on the skin
Squamous cell cancer, in some cases, can manifest itself in the form of lumps that resemble lumps that generate lumps in the skin. In that case the lump may bleed and cause pain, a type of lump that does not heal.

It is worth saying that having any type of skin lesion that does not heal is a sign that something is not going well and you should seek a doctor.

7. High Paint
The pints are closely related to skin cancer, however, people tend to think only of conventional pints.

It has a type of cancer, nodular melanoma, that can manifest in the form of a high pint and that presents/displays a species of lump. Lumps on your skin should turn on the warning signal.

When skin cancer is diagnosed early it has almost a 100% chance of cure, so if you realize you have any of these symptoms listed above or some pint that seems to have no explanation seek a doctor.

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