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7 Strange Reasons To Change Your Wedding Date

by Oba Samuel
7 Strange Reasons To Change Your Wedding Date

7 Strange Reasons To Change Your Wedding Date

-By Oba Samuel

Fixing a wedding date can be so challenging at times because you will need to consider several factors such as your job, professional exams date, your spouse-to-be, your parent and the availability of your spouse-to-be’s parent too.

All these make it a sort of an uphill task to pick a date for your wedding. After crossing these hurdles, for the date to be changed for whatever reason can be painful. What are the reasons a wedding date can be changed? Read below:

  1. DECEIT: In a situation where you notice that your so-called lover is deceiving you about his/her job, monthly income, family background, age, having a Child outside wedlock, type of accommodation, among others, you will need to slow down, postpone the wedding or break the relationship. It is a dangerous venture to marry a deceiver.
  2. INCESSANT WARNINGS: Don’t be too desperate to wed, especially when everyone around you is warning you about that relationship. Apply a break lest you break your peace in marriage.

Never ignore warnings from your spiritual Father, Pastor, Mentors, elderly Christians around you. Even, warning from strangers or madman. If the warning is constant, please change your wedding date and pray the more for direction.

Many who disdain such warnings before their wedding are living in sorrow and regrets today.

  1. DISCOVERY OF NEGATIVE CHARACTER: As your wedding day approaches, you have to be sensitive to everything around you most especially to the character and lifestyle of your spouse-to-be.

If you discover negative characters like stealing, alcoholism, smoking,double-dating, drug abuse, gambling and other social ills in the life of somebody you want to marry, wisdom demands you put the wedding on hold and seek counsel about what to do next.

  1. CONSTANT FIGHTING: Getting married to a combatant instead of a companion will turn the marriage into a battlefield. Engaging in a constant fight with the person you want to marry because both of you are hot-tempered is a sign that something is fundamentally wrong in that relationship.

In a situation like this, the wedding plans should be stopped and both of you should submit yourselves to be counselled else you will have succeeded in building a boxing ring marriage.

  1. LACK OF JOB: Finance and romance go hand-in-hand and everything in marriage answers to money. If the man you are about to marry has no regular source of income which can be a salary job or business of his own, let the wedding wait till he secures a regular source of income.

Getting married without a solid source of finance will make your love turn sour in the face of financial challenges in matrimony.

  1. LACK OF ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation, whether big or small is inevitable before solemnization. Getting married in a friend’s or family’s apartment of either the husband or wife is a very wrong decision. A situation like this often cause a problem for a budding marriage and most of the times lead to broken homes. Until you secure your own apartment, you are not qualified to marry.
  2. HEALTH CHALLENGES: Health challenges like epilepsy, incompatible genotype, HIV/AIDS, among others require that you suspend your wedding plans and seek medical attention.

Never assume that love will conquer all health challenges, wisdom demands that you avoid avoidable battles. Ensure that you get your healing certified by a qualified medical doctor before you get married in the event of any medical challenges.

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