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7 Strange feelings you may have when you are in Love

by Family Center
Understanding What True Love Is

7 Strange Things According To Research You Feel When In Love
Well, research has made a whole lot of new discoveries about the human body when you are in love. Would you like to know? Then follow through in this research.

1. Heart Rate Synchronization
Some researchers at the University of California Davis, gathered 32 heterosexual couples and conducted an interesting experience. First, they left the couples sitting together, staring at each other, but not touching. Then they asked the participants to calmly look their partner in the eyes for three minutes.

By monitoring heart rates, the researchers found that the hearts of couples in romantic relationships actually begin to beat together. They synchronized. Incredible, is not it? Researchers still can not conclusively find out why this happens.

2. Natural painkiller
Another study may relieve pain. This is the “feel good” hormone that runs through your body when you are close to the loved one. So if you are without ibuprofen at home, get rid of that headache by snuggling to your sweetheart and getting a pumping of oxytocin.

3. Dilation of the pupil

It is quite common knowledge that human pupils dilate in dangerous or high stress situations to increase concentration and focus, but are you ready to know? Further research indicates that our pupils dilate when we are especially interested in someone.

Initial research associates this dilation with sexual attraction , but further study suggests that pupils may respond to attraction in general. So the next time you ask how someone feels about you, you may want to pay attention to those pupils.

Oh, you may be wondering, other studies show that men are attracted to women with larger pupils.

4. Natural sweetener
Okay, this sounds strange. The researchers asked 197 student volunteers to write about an experience involving romantic love, or jealousy or something neutral. Sweet volunteers were then given and they were asked to rate the treatment based on sweetness, bitterness, or acidity.

Want to know the results? Participants who wrote about love rated sweets as sweeter than participants who wrote about jealousy or a neutral subject.

But, wait, it did not stop there. A similar experiment was then conducted; This time with new volunteers and distilled water instead of candy. They did not know it was just water. It was told to them that it was simply a new drink i.e, a new product.

Again, participants who wrote about love said that the water tasted sweeter. Well, its strange but true. You can try it out.

5. Hysterical strength
You have heard incredible stories of mothers who suddenly gained seemingly superhuman strength when their child was in danger. Well, that’s called hysterical strength , and it is surprisingly under-researched.

What you know from other people’s experience is that, with the right combination of love and fear, your body can do incredible things. I hope you never have to find out what your love is capable of doing in such a situation.

6. Pictures relieve pain
This discovery involved 15 participants who claimed to be in love. The researchers placed a heated probe in each participant’s hands. Then the participants looked at a picture of the loved one or just one known.

You know what happened? Those who looked at the image of the loved one experienced an intense pain relief of about 10 to 15 percent. Compared to those who looked at the picture of an acquaintance, moderate pain was relieved by about 40 percent.

So if your loved one is not around for a cuddle session, try looking at your profile photos on Facebook, or a hard copy.

7. The bones get stronger
A UCLA study has shown that men 25 years of age or older who marry a woman who supports them have stronger bones. Researchers also found that men in a stable relationship have stronger bones than men whose marriages failed.

Although no correlation was found between bone health and women’s marriages, the survey found that women in relationships with supportive partners had stronger bones than women who dated partners who did not value them.

Well, you may sound surprised about the reseach done, then you should try them out, and leave a comment for us on how they had worked out.

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