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7 subtle attitudes that are repulsive to men

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7 subtle attitudes that are repulsive to men
Speaking to a friend about some repulsive men and the way they treat women, I was able to gather some few facts. Here are the facts below.

1. Talk about problems
When a man decides to go out with a woman, he expects the meeting to be fun and bring the taste of “want more.” This man does not want to be her psychologist. Love must be a companion, but it takes the ideal moment to open up with the partner. The men do not want to hear at the first meeting the woman vent their fears.

Most men do not like to talk about problems. When they come across they usually solve them and put an end to the subject, however, they will only be involved in a woman’s problem if there is a serious commitment to her.

2. Do not give space
When a woman talks all the time, especially if this is the first date, it is likely to become the last meeting as well. No matter how beautiful a woman is, if she has no control over herself, she will end up scaring her suitor.

Talking is important, though, listening is essential for a relationship to work out. Through the words we discover a lot about the character of the person we want to relate to.

3. Stay on the cell phone
The man invites you to leave, that is to say that he chose you because he has found you special, he wants to know you more, you want to know his hobbies and his qualities. So, this man is not interested in your social status or how many tanned you get for each photo posted.

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Life goes by very quickly to waste time giving priority to things that matter the least, but many miss it when they stop living the special moment with the partner to post photos on social networks.

4. Make plans
If you want to scare a man on the first date, start telling him that you intend to marry him, have a couple of kids, and even design the house of your dreams. You can rest easy that he will not be looking for you anymore.

Having goals and plans is fundamental in the course of life, but we should only do it with those who deserve to be by our side. Do not waste your life with unprepared people, so use wisdom and choose your partner well.

5. “Informed”
The “informed” woman is the one who knows everything and everyone around her knows less than she does. This type of woman is intelligent, but she is not humble and that drives men away from her.

Being connected to everyday facts is important, getting knowledge is precious, however, the best lessons are usually learned from the people we love most, such as friends, family, and partner. So give people a chance to show what they know.

6. Too independent
At the first meeting, the man tries to be gentleman and generous, but the independent woman is too proud to accept any noble gesture.

Men like to be cared for, but they need to be men, they want to show that they are protectors, so you have to let them be.

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Sometimes the situations that we women face in life shape us in a grosser way and when we realize we become too independent, so we do not allow ourselves to be helped or loved. We should not allow ourselves to be like this, for this is not good and we tend to experience the bitterness of solitude.

7. Speculating the past
Men do not like women to be investigating who they used to date or who their last date was. And they’re right. If a man wants to talk about this subject he will address the subject, but we must remember that what he did or what he built belongs only to his past.

Speculating the past is unpleasant, especially if it’s the first date. Woman has to be sure of herself. If he is with you now, enjoy to be happy, the past remains boxed, one should not move. You are his gift, you are the probability of a bright future, so stop neura and you will be happy.

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