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7 Sure Steps to Help Prevent Depression

by Abbey Lily
Depression: Causes, Effects, Prevention and Management

7 Sure Steps to Help Prevent Depression

Just before you jump off that cliff because you are depressed. Just before you let depression eat deep into your arteries and it forms a cord of negativity and evil imagination in your head, here are seven (7) sure steps to help prevent depression.

Depression: Causes, Effects, Prevention and Management

1. Don’t deceive yourself: you don’t need to deceive yourself in order to please others. Being realistic is a sure way out of depression, say it as it is and let people know how you feel. Be positive with your thought, Karen Salmansohn once said that often opposite of negative thinking is not positive thinking but realistic thinking.

2. Focus on your strength: you might have been focusing on your weakness and so this is not allowing you to see anything good about yourself. Identify one of your best traits and find a way to use it daily.

3. Eat well and eat healthily: there is a difference between eating well and eating healthy, it is good to eat but the best thing is to eat healthily. Eating is not just about filling your hungry stomach but eating things that are good for your wellbeing. Stop eating junk foods because it has been found out that eating junks can increase your risk of depression by 51%. Eat foods that are rich in B Vitamins such as sunflower seeds, spinach etc, omega 3, nuts, fruits and vegetables

4. Don’t live a sedentary lifestyle: you need to always stay active to be healthy and have a sound mind free of depression. Being active helps the brain’s neurotransmitter system. Exercise helps relieve the body from problems that come from stress like anxiety and depression. Walk more instead of taking the elevator

5. Always relax your mind: don’t stress yourself, have time for relaxation. You can find a cool place around to relax your mind. You can spend the day at the beach, practice yoga and meditate to keep your mind active.

6. Don’t joke with your sleep: it is normal for everybody to feel better after a good night sleep. Don’t play with your sleep. Because as you sleep, the brain is able to repair and prepare itself for the next day work

7. Have positive people around you and be accountable to someone: don’t live in isolation, stay around positive people and have someone you are accountable to who will help you.

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