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7 Terrible Mistakes You Make At Bath

by Family Center

7 Terrible Mistakes You Make At Bath
The bath is a delicious moment of the day that is part of the hygiene and is also a ritual of relaxation. But many people are bathing wrong without even knowing it. You probably commit or already made some of these 7 mistakes when showering.

The more time passes and the skin gets older, the more we should take care of the skin. Dermatologist Patricia Ferris says that “As you get older, the tendency is for the skin to get drier and drier. You need to adjust your bathing habits.”

Bathing is part of the daily sanitation, but you should take some care not to end up affecting your health in a negative way.

1. Drying vigorously
You do not need to wipe the towel on the skin for it to absorb the water from your body. Dry gently to avoid damaging the skin with the towel.

2. Wash your hair every day
You must have heard that already. Washing every day or many times a week is not recommended. If you have thin or delicate hair you should avoid washing your hair many times, no more than twice a week to maintain natural hair oils. And if you have hair curled or thicker you should wash it only once a week with shampoo.

3. Use the same sponge for a long time
It is okay to use sponges in the bath, the problem is to use the same sponge for a long time. According to dermatologist it has been observed that there are many bacteria and mold that grow on sponges, so the sponges should be thrown away after four weeks of use. After the sponge is used it should be removed from the box and placed in a place where it can dry completely.

4. Take too much time to get past the moisturizer
Dermatologists agree that the three-minute rule is valid. That is, you should not wait more than three minutes after leaving the bath to pass the moisturizer. You should dry the body leaving a little moisture on the skin and then immediately pass the moisturizer. Leaving the hydrant for later causes the skin to lose moisture into the air. It is also recommended to have the skin always moisturized to avoid cracks that facilitate the entry of bacteria.

5. Lather the whole body
The soap was made to dissolve dirt and oil. So just use the soap on parts of the body that you really need, the legs and arms, for example, do not release much oil. Use soap only in places such as the armpits, buttocks, groin and feet.

6. Take very long baths
the bath should last for 5 to 10 minutes. Very long baths dry the skin, so it is recommended faster baths.

7. Use very hot water
Baths with very hot water are not recommended. You may find that warm water helps you relax, but this may be damaging your skin. Hot water is bad for two reasons: first, it removes a lot of the natural oils from the skin, and secondly, hot water brings blood circulation to the skin causing a redness that causes itching and itching.

Try this tips today and then you will be healthy will bathing.

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