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7 Things business owners should know on how to promote business using Facebook

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7 Things business owners should know on how to promote business using Facebook

7 Things business owners should know on how to promote business using Facebook

One of the best and tested ways to get ahead in business today is to be a bit internet savvy and also acquire social media knowledge as businesses are gradually relocating to online platforms.

Facebook today has gone beyond just facing books, but has started facing businesses and yielding customers more profit than the usual offline marketing style will yield.

While it is imperative that business owners learn to use the internet as a viable tool for online publicity and marketing, it is essential that business owners should also learn the basic use of Facebook as a platform for reaching out to a wider audience.

Here are 7 things business owners should know on how to promote businesses using Facebook.


  1.       Promotion is more about your Customers

Promoting businesses on Facebook is actually not about the business alone, but it is amazingly about your customers. At least your focus should be more centered on 60 % of your customer’s needs and 40 % of what your products can help meet those needs of theirs. Feed your customers first and they will come back to feed you.


  1.       Have a tailored Budget

You just can’t afford to run a promotion on Facebook without having a budget (which could be daily, weekly, annually) most especially now that Facebook has introduced its cost per click policy. Setting a budget will guide you on how much you should allocate for promotion and marketing.

  1.       Give your Customers bit by bit

When doing giveaway promotions on facebook, give in bits and lot in whole. It is always the desire of all customers to always get satisfaction from you whenever they visit your page but try to hold back to some and give some little. In so doing, they will eventually request for more.

  1.       Maintain your visionary balance (Consistency)

You shouldn’t waver for once on what your business vision, goals and objective is. Businesses on Facebook soon loose balance after they’ve gotten some new customers. But it is important, you stay through with what has been the vision of your business so as to remain relevant in the industry in which you operate.

  1.       Don’t stick to one Posting style

Unfortunately many businesses today have stuck to the autopilot strategy of posting. While it is important that you should always have a post on your Facebook page, it doesn’t mean any post either or just a posting style. Videos, pictures, and other medias are very efficient in keeping your customers coming to you, it helps you remain relevant to your customers.

  1.       Get your page interactive

It is not just about selling, selling and selling. You also need to interact with your customers, get them to participate in a discussion. In so doing, you will keep winning customers to your side and soon, your business becomes known widely.

  1.       Post Consistently

For you to remain consistent in business and most importantly remain relevant on facebook space, you need to imbibe the culture of posting consistently. When your readers are not getting enough information from you, they eventually become relaxed and eventually step back.

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