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7 things from day to day that we do wrong without realizing

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7 things from day to day that we do wrong without realizing
Keeping a healthy diet, exercising, staying away from cigarettes, and taking the right medicines are attitudes that we must take to be in good health. But beyond them, there are little everyday habits that we can adopt to improve our quality of life.

Often, we do our daily tasks without thinking much and we end up not realizing that there may be an easier or safer way to do them. Check out our list and find out if you’re doing something less efficiently or less safely:

1. Hold the steering wheel
Without realizing it, we can place the hands very close or very far in the steering wheel of the car. When they are very close to each other, we are more vulnerable to an injury caused by the activation of the airbags and we have to make more effort to turn the steering wheel.7-things-from-day-to-day-that-we-do-wrong-without-realizing-dailyfamily.ng

The best way to hold the steering wheel is to keep your hands in the middle of the circle, exactly where you would trace the diameter.

2. Flushing the toilet7-things-from-day-to-day-that-we-do-wrong-without-realizing-dailyfamily.ng
Flushing with the open toilet lid causes the microorganisms to spread throughout the bathroom, including your face towel and your toothbrush. Therefore, it is recommended to lower the cover before activating this mechanism (flushing the toilet)

3. Spray deodorant7-things-from-day-to-day-that-we-do-wrong-without-realizing-dailyfamily.ng
Do you apply your deodorant right after the morning shower? Know that it will do more if it is used shortly before you go to sleep, when your skin is dry and you will not sweat for a few hours. These are the conditions that allow better blockade of the sweat glands, which can last even after bathing.

4. Cover mouth to cough or sneeze7-things-from-day-to-day-that-we-do-wrong-without-realizing-dailyfamily.ng
Of course you should not go around coughing or sneezing freely on people’s faces, but using your hands to cover your mouth is not a good idea, either. After all, if you can not wash them immediately, you can contaminate surfaces like doorknobs and tables or even transmit pathogenic microorganisms to others.

The most hygienic way to cover your mouth is to wear a disposable tissue, but if that is not possible, use the inside of the elbow.

5. Choose sleeping position7-things-from-day-to-day-that-we-do-wrong-without-realizing-dailyfamily.ng
Perhaps you have never stopped to decide your preferred sleeping position: it simply exists. However, people who sleep with their belly down may experience more pressure on the spine, which causes pain and tiredness during the day. If possible, try sleeping with your back down, aligning neck and spine.

6. Using the keyboard’s thumbs7-things-from-day-to-day-that-we-do-wrong-without-realizing-dailyfamily.ng
It is best to keep the keyboard parallel to the desk reducing pain in the wrists.

7. Wash the blender
Many blenders already come with a self-cleaning function, but you can wash any model simply by putting in some water and detergent and turning it on for a few minutes. Then rinse with running water.7-things-from-day-to-day-that-we-do-wrong-without-realizing-dailyfamily.ng

This list is meant to make your daily tasks a bit easier. It can be difficult to change old habits and we understand if you prefer to continue washing the blender with the sponge – after all, what harm would it have? We only recommend that you pay special attention to health-related tips, as they can improve your quality of life as well as those around you.

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