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7 Things Full-time Housewives Want Their Husbands To Know. ….all men must read this.

by Oba Samuel
7 Things Full-time Housewives Wants Their Husbands To Know. ....all men must read this
Most times, husbands don’t value fulltime housewives thinking that they are busy doing nothing except for sleeping and eating. But being  a fulltime housewife goes beyond this and that is why this write-up is aiming at revealing the real world of housewives to men which they want their husbands to know:
1. It’s Never a Relaxation: Contrary to most husband’s belief that full-time housewives were not doing anything tangible other than relaxation. Staying at home does not really give room for leisure but  It’s a 24/7 job. It involves time and energy consuming works like laundry, cooking, sweeping, controlling the children, keeping the house neat and tidy. A wife may start working from 5 am and she may not sit down until late in the night. This is really tasking.
2. Its Boring: Staying at home all the time is not fun as most men think. It can be boring as most full-time mothers are busy with routines which make the whole lifestyle uninteresting. Husbands may not understand this until they try it.
3. Needs your Hands: Most husbands think that going out to make money for the family is a big task that they don’t need to give a helping hand to their wives. House chores can be so tiring, they need you to help them whenever you are back from work. Give them a helping hand and they will be glad.
4. She Gets Tired Too: After the day’s work, most husbands get back home expecting their wives to still run errands for them and when the woman complained of being tired, he will ask ‘’what have you been doing since morning?’’ rhetorically. Running after children, keeping the house in order, helping them do their homework, rearranging the house, shopping etc can make a woman gets tired. Husbands, get to understand this.
5. The House May Not Look Like a Reception: All men love decent and neat house like an office reception but fulltime housewives want them to know that the house cannot be neat always like an office reception because Children will throw tantrum, scatter their books; rearrange’ the sitting room, litter the floor with food and shoes. These are what mothers face daily and if you meet your home untidy at times, don’t yell or bark like a dog. Instead, join them to rearrange it.
6. She Needs a Private time: Fulltime housewives have no private time to think or relax. Their lives are full of activities that maintain the lives of their husbands and Children. Lack of personal time affects their creativity, devotion and relaxation. They wish they had a private time to themselves. Husbands, take the children out for some hours for your wife to have her private moments.
7. She needs Your Appreciation: Stay at home wives engage in rigorous works that the husband can not understand because he is not in her shoes. All that they want from their husbands whenever he comes back home is not complaints but appreciation.Husband, give your wife a pat on the back, give a well-done look.
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